Corridors and candles

Started work on some corridors, so that when I get more than 1 room, I can link them. The more perceptive of you will see that I started making the corridors 10 cm high, to match with the rooms, but I then decided to make them 8cm high, so cut them back part way through. […]

Starting the Breeding Pits

I’ve bought in to the Gnickstarter for Frostgrave, ‘Into the Breeding Pits’, so thought I’d start on some underground terrain. Decided on 1″ squares so they are also useable for D&D, and a set of rooms with 2″ apertures in teh walls , so that I could put blanks or entrances in to allow me […]

Frostgrave arch

Wizard instructs barbarian in using what civilised people call a ‘doorway’

This rather fancy plastic arch came from some Heroquest style board game. It was used to join board pieces together with some plastic tags underneath, which I clipped off – otherwise it’s unaltered. I try not to make my stone work too ‘flat […]

An Idol moment and a foam cutting table

In my doddery old age, I thought I would invest in a hot wire table to make slicing up blue foam a bit easier. The one I chose is pictured below – I have marked the tabletop with lines at 1cm intervals to make it easy to cut to the required thickness. the guide bar […]

Frostgrave archer statue

Another element done for the Frostgrave scenarios. This plastic archer came to me mixed in with a load of undead from eBay. He’s a little small, and the two-dimensional pose and poor detailing meant I had no use for him as a normal model.

Frostgrave statue

I popped him on a Frostgrave disc-shaped base […]

Frostgrave Well of Dreams and Sorrows

I’ve been working on some of the bits required for the scenarios in the main rulebook. This is the “Well of Dreams and Sorrows”. As followers of this blog would expect, it has been made for tuppence-ha’penny from bits of scrap.

Well of Dreams and Sorrows

I dug out an unwanted CD (AOL CD […]

Frostgrave statues

Some fairly chunky statues to add to the mix. The 4 in the first picture were Burger King giveaways – can’t remember where I got them from, but I only realised their provenance when I undercoated them and found the brand moulded into the back of the figure. Bit of work with a scalpel and […]

Frostgrave pillars

Figured a few pillars would be useful to block line of sight. I cut a strip from a 25mm sheet of foam using a nifty little hot-wire cutting table I got from ebay, to get a strip about 25mm square.

Using a propelling pencil and a ruler, I mark the courses of blocks at 1cm […]

Frostgrave ruins

I have 3 buildings that I have largely scratchbuilt which I did for an Osgiliath project, which like most of my projects, stalled. These will serve for Frostgrave, but snow and ice would make them less useful for Osgiliath, so I am not adding them to further models so that they will serve a dual […]

Frozen Pond for Frostgrave

Frozen pond for Frostgrave

This is one of the more interesting test pieces I’ve made. I wanted to experiment with a water effect. A little artistic licence needed to be taken with the water – probably it would be covered in snow like everything else, but I wanted to get that look that ponds […]