Hammering spear points

Makeshift anvil

When I started collecting DBA armies in 1:72 plastic, the moulding quality was generally very good, except for one thing – the spears. In soft plastic, very thin straight rods just don’t work very well, so I started replacing them with my own, made from wire.

Hammering the points into spear tips […]

DBA Romans vs Carthaginians

A couple of weeks ago, my 11 year old and I clashed in a game of De Bellis Antiquitatis. We played the Big Battle variant from 2.2, which is essentially 3 normal DBA armies on each side for a total of 36 elements each. This was stretching my model collection to its limits, so some […]

DBA I/52b Early Hoplite Spartan Army

About 5 years ago I fancied trying out De Bellis Antiquitatis. This is normally played with 15mm models on 40mm wide bases, but these seemed a bit small, and many of the manufacturers sculpt in a style which is too ‘blobby’ for my test – oversized heads, thick limbs etc. In addition I was impressed […]