DBA 2nd Punic War

Carthaginians vs. Polybian Romans

After a very long pause, Aidan and I are finally back to playing some games of De Bellis Antiquitatis. Our first significant game was set in the 2nd Punic War between Carthaginians and an army of the Roman Republic. We diced for sides and I ended up playing the Romans. The […]

Hammering spear points

Makeshift anvil

When I started collecting DBA armies in 1:72 plastic, the moulding quality was generally very good, except for one thing – the spears. In soft plastic, very thin straight rods just don’t work very well, so I started replacing them with my own, made from wire.

Hammering the points into spear tips […]

DBA Romans vs Carthaginians

A couple of weeks ago, my 11 year old and I clashed in a game of De Bellis Antiquitatis. We played the Big Battle variant from 2.2, which is essentially 3 normal DBA armies on each side for a total of 36 elements each. This was stretching my model collection to its limits, so some […]

DBA I/52b Early Hoplite Spartan Army

About 5 years ago I fancied trying out De Bellis Antiquitatis. This is normally played with 15mm models on 40mm wide bases, but these seemed a bit small, and many of the manufacturers sculpt in a style which is too ‘blobby’ for my test – oversized heads, thick limbs etc. In addition I was impressed […]