Basing technique evolution

I’ve been going back through the collection to find things of interest to photograph, and I thought I would quickly document the changes in my basing technique. Pretty much all my fantasy models are based like one of the samples below.

Evolving basing technique

Technique 1 (1986-1987) – On the far left we have […]

Cultist sculpt – WIP

I have been sculpting a set of cultists, and here is the latest. He is getting very near complete. A little more work on the feet, and a few details – I’ve been thinking about giving him a set of throwing knives attached to his belt at the back. He has been made on an […]

Fairy for the forum challenge

The Oldhammer forum is having a challenge where people have to post a newly painted model of a type that they have never painted before.

I had to think quite hard to come up with something that I hadn’t painted before (and I had a model for). I got this fairy as one of the […]

Biblical City Part 2

Next stage was to paint the walls. This is where you find out that the paint from 20 years ago is a bit different, so I decided to give all the walls a coat of Light Stone masonry paint from Homebase. The ground is a cream coloured paint but I wanted to differentiate it a […]

Chainsaw Warrior game WIP

I have been working on a hybrid of Space Hulk and Chainsaw Warrior – basically using Space Hulk movement and turn sequence with Chainsaw Warrior models and equipment. I created a basic layout in Photoshop of a 10×10 square grid of rooms, 1 foot in total and printed off four copies. These represent two floors, […]

DBA I/52b Early Hoplite Spartan Army

About 5 years ago I fancied trying out De Bellis Antiquitatis. This is normally played with 15mm models on 40mm wide bases, but these seemed a bit small, and many of the manufacturers sculpt in a style which is too ‘blobby’ for my test – oversized heads, thick limbs etc. In addition I was impressed […]

Colonnade from Linka

When moulding Linka blocks, I always make a full batch, because it’s as easy as leaving some out. Some of the resulting elements are a lot more useful than others; some are great blocks but are difficult to use in significant quantities. The large 2×2 castle door is a good example of this, so […]

Biblical City in 15mm

This started over 20 years ago when I put together a biblical collection. Peter Guilder’s fault really. I went to the Model Engineer exhibition in the 70s and there were some Hinchliffe Egyptian Chariots in a display case. At school. No money. Fast forward nearly 20 years and I decided I would get me some […]

Dragonborn and Tiefling

Quite enjoyed a bit of D&D a few years ago. Really liked the combat under 4th edition, and wanted a few figures for that, but struggled to find some types so resolved to covert a couple. The pre-painted plastics are really good for gaming, because they can be carted about easily without getting damage, but […]

Foundry Vampire – 1st for 2015

Wargames Foundry Vampire

Just finished the first model of 2015. This is a vampire from Foundry. The purple robe came out a bit lilac at first – so not very sinister, so I gave it a dark wash to tone it down and redid the shading. Great model, I like the hunchback and the strange […]