Biblical City – the Market

Starting to populate the city to get away from the post-apocalypse empty look.

General view of the market;

2 covered stalls, one selling various bit, including some bronze knives, the other selling rolls of cloth.

A melon seller sitting by the well.

Pots for sale.

The slave sale. A rich couple with their […]

Epic Armageddon Battle (Part 1)

Last weekend we dug out Epic Armageddon and had a game of Imperial Guard vs Squats – just over 3000 points per side. Here are some pictures from the start of the battle.

It was a 4′ x 8′ table with plenty of buildings. The Squats hold the industrial sector on the right. Imperial Guard […]

15mm Biblical Command Vignettes and sea peoples

Still going on the city, but need a bit of inspiration for the final few buildings. As a distraction, I’ve been finishing off some units and making some command vignettes to make the generals more distinctive.

Inspired by the inscriptions showing the Egyptian battle against the invading Sea Peoples, showing the fighting around the ox-wagons, […]