Small Scale Woods

These were put together as part of some scenic items I put together for a friend’s 6mm collection. Field tiles will be following, but when I was getting these trees together I figured they are a bit too small scale for 6, but would be fine for 2-3 mm, of which a couple of the […]

Bananas and Date Palms

Recently bought some palms from one of the Chinese Suppliers via ebay. I was fairly happy with them, and the price is very good, but wanted to give them a bit extra and make them a little bit more realistic. At the same time, found some bunches of bananas that I had made a while […]

More Frostgrave Trees

A follow up to my earlier post on Frostgrave trees, I’ve added three new types of tree to my collection. They were all ordered from eBay

A – 50x Dark Green Trees Model Train Railway Park Street Scenery HO Scale 6.5cm (361360991044) B – 20 FIR TREE 9CM MODEL TRAIN LAYOUT ARCHITECTURE WAR GAME DIORAMA […]

Trees for Frostgrave

Just before Christmas I bought a package of second hand trees on eBay, mainly because it contained one of the Britains oak trees – as used in WFB3 on ‘that table’. It also included some rather ropey conifers that I thought would come in handy for the Frostgrave project I was starting up. Here’s what […]

Savannah Trees

Still waiting for the figures (come on Pendraken) but focussing on some terrain in readiness. Although these have been sized for my 10mm setup, the same technique can easily be used for larger scales. Here’s one which has simply been sprayed green.

The raw material is the dried flower heads of a garden flower […]