My 2015 boiled down

Everyone’s at it with the year-end retrospectives – as 2015 slides into the past, what better time to cast an eye back over the modelling milestones. This blog has been around just over a year, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I looked back at what had been achieved on the wargaming front:

Frostgrave […]

Site reshuffle (some boring technical stuff)

The WordPress blog is now the main site…

It came to my notice that some people, (well, at least one) were following “”. This meant that they wouldn’t get any updates, because the WordPress site was at “”, and this URL pointed at the old site. I’ve just made this (the WordPress site) the default […]

Sculpting tip #3 – Freezing putty

Real life commitments interrupted me recently at the point when I had just mixed up a blob of green stuff, and I had to leave it unused. Rather than waste it, I tried putting it in the freezer. To my slight surprise, once I had warmed it back up the following day, it was perfectly […]