First Chainsaw Warrior game at BOYL

The first game has been played at Bring Out Your Lead 2015. The last Chainsaw Warrior (controlled by Skarsnik) reached Darkness with 5 minutes to go, only to be battered down after he missed with his Laser Lance. Here you can see them working their way across the 2nd floor being chased by the green […]

Chainsaw Warrior at BOYL 2015

As anyone following the retro 80s wargaming scene must know, we are merely days away from BOYL 2015 @ Wargames Foundry, Newark. “Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk Rules” (got to think of a snappier title), will be making an appearance. The schedule is here, there are still spaces, so sign up quick.

The Meat […]

Voltsvagn paddle steamer WIP

As a late entry for Oldhammer Ahoy, we have started work on the Voltsvagn from the WFB 2nd Edition Magnificent Sven scenario. Helpfully the template is printed in the scenario. I scaled it up slightly to the largest that would fit on a piece of A4 – there’s not a great deal of room in […]

Hammering spear points

Makeshift anvil

When I started collecting DBA armies in 1:72 plastic, the moulding quality was generally very good, except for one thing – the spears. In soft plastic, very thin straight rods just don’t work very well, so I started replacing them with my own, made from wire.

Hammering the points into spear tips […]

Home casting a white metal demon

Mutant /. demon green putty sculpt

I’ve been getting steadily more successful at home casting some of my sculpts, so I thought I would share my methods. Note that the models for sale in my shop via Lancer are not produced in this way – they are spin cast in a commercial set up.