Chainsaw Warrior at BOYL 2015

As anyone following the retro 80s wargaming scene must know, we are merely days away from BOYL 2015 @ Wargames Foundry, Newark. “Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk Rules” (got to think of a snappier title), will be making an appearance. The schedule is here, there are still spaces, so sign up quick.

The Meat Machine, the mutants and the military zombies will make their debut appearance, and as if that wasn’t enough there will be a prize of a “Darkness” for the first person to kill Darkness. As Zhu puts it so beautifully in his po-mo deconstruction of the original game it’s a “splatterpunk groundhog day”. Are you ready to be “unleashed against an unending relentless nightmare of death and gore and passageways and mutants and radiation and shotgun shells and broken lift-shafts and filth and rats and undead and chainsaws…”



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