Orc Invaders Kickstarter

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, I’m proud to have put my first sculpts on a Kickstarter. It’s already funded so will definitely go ahead, and the group below is available for only £14 including UK P&P (bit more if you are overseas). It ends in less than a week, so get on board […]

Sci-fi Vampire sculpt

After a bit of a break, I’ve picked up my sculpting tools again, partly spurred on by the Oldhammer Chaos Pig contest. I’ve also been finishing off some long run WIP in with a view to getting another casting run done.

Space Vampire sculpt

My recent sculpts are a bit of a mixed bag, […]

Cultist army

The numbers of my cultist/redemptionist gang have risen to 24, so it’s really more of a small army now – I took some photos to get the full effect. I’ve posted most of these before, but here they are en masse. They are equipped with three flamers, two grenade launchers and the rest are equally […]

Techno-apes painted

APE01 – Techno ape – leader

The 8 models in my second batch have been painted and photographed, so here are the other 3 – the techno-apes. I really enjoyed doing the ape faces, and they’ve each come out with their own character. I found doing the fur much more difficult than I expected. […]

New cultists for Warfactory range

I’ve just had eight new models cast up for the Warfactory range – 3 techno-apes and 5 cultists. They will be going on sale at Lancer next week. These three cultists are variants of the existing models, packing some heavier firepower than their colleagues.

3 new variants of the cultists

There are also 2 […]

An exciting parcel

What could be more exciting than a big box of metal arriving? A box of castings of your own sculpts – that’s what. Kieven at Lancer has done a cracking job of casting up my second batch of sculpts for the Warfactory miniatures range. Not all of them would fit in the first mould, so […]

Techno Ape Sculpts completed

My next batch of sculpts are now ready for casting and are already in the post to Lancer miniatures. Here’s a quick preview of some of them – they should be appearing in their shop shortly. More previews coming soon.

These are three “techno-apes” – experts in miniaturised technology, they mainly wear tiny devices although […]

Cultist sculpt

Another cultist sculpt is finished. I was pleased with his ‘creeping along’ stance – I think I’m getting better at making the poses look more dynamic. Soon he will be going to be moulded by Lancer with another four cultists and some other more novel additions to my Warfactory range. If you have bought any […]

First Warfactory casts!

I am pleased to announced that my sculpts have been spin cast for the very first time. Lancer Miniatures have made a mould from eight of my sculpts and they will be available from the Lancer Miniatures site in the next few days. Here are the first few to make it into lead and more […]

Spaceship Ground Crew

Spaceship Ground Crew

In addition to the power-armoured psychopaths, every sci-fi universe needs its ordinary Joes. A spaceport would be teeming with technicians, passengers, and people who just empty the bins, so I thought I’d sculpt a few and this is the first of them. He’s an engineer/spaceship ground crew waving a scanner or other such gizmo.