Sci-fi Vampire sculpt

After a bit of a break, I’ve picked up my sculpting tools again, partly spurred on by the Oldhammer Chaos Pig contest. I’ve also been finishing off some long run WIP in with a view to getting another casting run done.

Space Vampire sculpt

My recent sculpts are a bit of a mixed bag, but one of the themes is sci-fi undead. Vampires appear in the original 40K, but a suitable model is hard to find. Most models are very firmly fantasy, and would look a bit odd taking on some marines, so I did this much more minimalist rendition. The original sketch had his hands open, but I soon found that this was almost impossible to sculpt, and probably hard to cast too, so I went for fists – he’s calling down some psychic wrath on someone. I think he would also make a suitable chaos sorcerer, or something for your players to hunt in an Inq28 game.

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