10mm African village

Been interested in the East Africa campaign in WW1 for a long time. Have a few of my Darkest Africa28mm that would do the job, but I know I’ll never get a big enough collection in 28mm to refight any of the battles, and artillery in 28mm takes a bigger table than I can […]

An exciting parcel

What could be more exciting than a big box of metal arriving? A box of castings of your own sculpts – that’s what. Kieven at Lancer has done a cracking job of casting up my second batch of sculpts for the Warfactory miniatures range. Not all of them would fit in the first mould, so […]

Unreleased Citadel wizard / cleric

At BOYL as a reward for putting on a game, I was lucky enough to get a pick from a box of unreleased Citadel wizards (thank you Bryan). I have been gradually putting together a witch-hunter warband for Mordheim and this cleric seemed perfect to lead them. Here he is on the Collecting Citadel wiki […]

Techno Ape Sculpts completed

My next batch of sculpts are now ready for casting and are already in the post to Lancer miniatures. Here’s a quick preview of some of them – they should be appearing in their shop shortly. More previews coming soon.

These are three “techno-apes” – experts in miniaturised technology, they mainly wear tiny devices although […]

Huts for Darkest Africa

I have a bunch of the Foundry Darkest Africa tribesmen who are complaining about a housing shortage, and some thick card tubing which was part of the packaging in a set of saucepans prompted me to extract my digit and add to the one hut I made about 20 years ago!

First, cut a doorway […]

Battlefleet Gothic


A couple of Asteroid defense stations, and a scratchbuilt chaos battleship. Needs more detailing and a better paint job – one of about 20 ongoing projects. It’s a big beast – that’s an Imperial Battleship for comparison. Various bits of kits, spares from BFG sprues, plastic tubing all added to what I think was […]

Let’s swap links

Traffic on this blog is frankly still a bit feeble. If you have a wargaming blog then please add me to your links and I will be happy to add a link back to yours. Just post the URL of your blog I the comments below.

I’d also be interested to know how you found […]

Sculpting tip #1 – wet foam to lubricate your tool

Here’s a tip I picked up from watching Kevin Adams sculpting at BOYL. He was using a blister pack just like the one below, soaked in water. Pretty much every time he lifted the sculpting tool off the green, he dabbed it on the foam, moistening it so that it didn’t stick to the putty. […]