Building a Biblical City 4

The Buildings.

Basically they are constructed from Artists Mounting Board. PVA or wood glue forms a strong bond very quickly. I make them slightly underscale, partly because I want to get more in to the space, and partly because I suspect they would have been smaller than we might think anyway.

The best sequence for […]

Building a Biblical City Part 3

This bit is laborious and you could go without it if you didn’t mind seeing gaps between the building bases, but I think it’s worth doing for aesthetic reasons.

The buildings are based with Artists mounting board. I have some where the bases are cut to size to fit into a specific position, but I […]

Biblical City Part 2

Next stage was to paint the walls. This is where you find out that the paint from 20 years ago is a bit different, so I decided to give all the walls a coat of Light Stone masonry paint from Homebase. The ground is a cream coloured paint but I wanted to differentiate it a […]

Biblical City in 15mm

This started over 20 years ago when I put together a biblical collection. Peter Guilder’s fault really. I went to the Model Engineer exhibition in the 70s and there were some Hinchliffe Egyptian Chariots in a display case. At school. No money. Fast forward nearly 20 years and I decided I would get me some […]