A few photos from BOYL 2014

I just came across these previously unpublished photos from Bring Out Your Lead 2014. I took them at the end of the event on the Sunday afternoon. Things were quietening down, so we got out some scatter terrain and some assorted sci-fi for a quick skirmish.

Squad advancing – Chainsaw Warrior again. He gets […]


The whole merry throng

This collection of cultists/Redemptionists really got going last summer. At BOYL they were selling a variety of odds and sods at £1 each. I snapped up everything with a robe on and went home with 9 miscellaneous ‘jolly’ monks and priests. I also had a solitary GW Redemptionist from some […]

Chainsaw Warrior accessories

I have been making a few extras for the Chainsaw Warrior game. By accessories, I don’t mean a tiger-stripe handbag; it seemed like a nice idea to represent some of the traps as actual elements on the board. First up, the Weakened Floorboards. These were made from sliced up lolly stick stuck to mounting board. […]

Cultist sculpt

Another cultist sculpt is finished. I was pleased with his ‘creeping along’ stance – I think I’m getting better at making the poses look more dynamic. Soon he will be going to be moulded by Lancer with another four cultists and some other more novel additions to my Warfactory range. If you have bought any […]

SWAT teams

Wargames Foundry SWAT

These are SWAT from Wargames Foundry Street Violence range. They make versatile troops for all sorts of near-future scenarios. I’ve done them all with olive-green webbing, black body armour and then half in dark blue fatigues and the other half in urban camo. They look similar enough to use as part […]

Laser Pointer for Line of Sight

Laser Pointer


Having seen someone using one at BOYL last year, I realised how very handy it is to have a laser pointer for checking whether one model has line-of-sight to another. This might be very old news to most people but I haven’t done a lot of gaming for a while, so […]

Meat Machine WIP

I’m putting together the final parts of my Chainsaw Warrior-Space Hulk mashup and one of the key elements is the Meat Machine. For those who are not familiar with Games Workshop’s classic game, the Meat Machine was a two-wheeled cyborg zombie, which to a great extent defies categorisation. Like everything else in the game there’s […]

Highway to New Rynn City

A month or so ago, a grand plan formed in my mind. Inspired by “Operation Crossfire“, I’m hoping to organise an event this autumn where lots of separate games are played simultaneously as part of a single campaign. As many games as possible will be organised to occur on that day in remote locations. There […]