SWAT teams


Wargames Foundry SWAT

These are SWAT from Wargames Foundry Street Violence range. They make versatile troops for all sorts of near-future scenarios. I’ve done them all with olive-green webbing, black body armour and then half in dark blue fatigues and the other half in urban camo.  They look similar enough to use as part of the same force, but equally could be used as opposing forces. Somewhere I’ve got at least one more pack of these, but I have never got round to painting them.



Wargames Foundry SWAT

I particularly like the sniper above. The squad are packing a good range of weapons, with the basic MP5 being supplemented by a sniper rifle, two machine guns, two grenade launchers and two shotguns. One also carries a door ram, and another is taking cover behind a shield.



Wargames Foundry SWAT

The urban camo was done by painting them white, painting on grey patches, and then a dark grey wash. Finally the black streaks were added. The goggles were painted gold and then given a little shading with translucent red glass paint. This effect is to imitate the reflective coatings like the ones on these paintball goggles.




Wargames Foundry SWAT

The bases are in my ‘urban’ style. I start with a sheet of words (white on black background) and various line and markings that are simply printed on plain paper with an ordinary laser printer. These are stuck to the bare plastic bases and then lightly washed with paint to colour in the white areas. I then super glue some bits of debris to the base. Then some sand and fine stones are stuck on with PVA and finally it is painted. They are probably the most laborious basing technique I use, but they do help build atmosphere.



Wargames Foundry SWAT


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