WIP sculpts

Since the first batch was cast, I’ve been beavering away on the next batch of sculpts, and here are some progress photos of them. From left to right, top to bottom, we have:

A hideous mutant demon thing. A cultist assassin An energy weapon toting variant of the spaceship crewman A rifle wielding cultist A […]

Scratch built Nurgling

My 11 year old has been practising his sculpting and the nurgling on the right is his first scratch built model. It’s made entirely from green putty on a wire frame – he also painted it himself. If you look closely, you can see that it’s holding a loop of its own gut (ugh). The […]

Chainsaw Warrior board sections for download

Ready to assault the second floor

This link contains the images to print out two different Chainsaw Warrior boards, as used in the playtest. Each board comes in 4 pieces so it can be printed on an A4 printer (irritatingly, you can’t quite fit them on to 2 prints, because the length of […]

Second Chainsaw Warrior playtest

We’ve just had our second playtest of Chainsaw Warrior using Space Hulk rules. A lot more of the proper models were available, some new and improved board sections and some important rules tweaks. Playing against the clock I had 60 minutes to save New York and… I won’t give the ending away but let’s just […]

First Warfactory casts!

I am pleased to announced that my sculpts have been spin cast for the very first time. Lancer Miniatures have made a mould from eight of my sculpts and they will be available from the Lancer Miniatures site in the next few days. Here are the first few to make it into lead and more […]

Spaceship Ground Crew

Spaceship Ground Crew

In addition to the power-armoured psychopaths, every sci-fi universe needs its ordinary Joes. A spaceport would be teeming with technicians, passengers, and people who just empty the bins, so I thought I’d sculpt a few and this is the first of them. He’s an engineer/spaceship ground crew waving a scanner or other such gizmo.