Normandy Campaign – Day 2 summary

Day 2 of our Normandy campaign has been completed, and the scenarios for Day 3 are about to be sent out. Day 2 was generally a bit quieter than Day 1, with most of the activity occurring in the west where the British had made their strongest gains on Day 1. The Germans attempted to […]

Normandy – West of Hottot Part 2 (Battle 4)

The final battle of Day 1 was a continuation of Battle 2 (which had only been played up to 10 30am in game time).

This map shows the location of the table on the overall campaign map. The British had moved up to the large wood just north of the battlefield overnight, and launched a […]

The best hedges yet

Crossfire is a great game, but it does need an awful lot of scenery. The current Normandy campaign specifically needs hedges – typically not quite as much as the Bocage scenario in “Hit the Dirt”, which by my count is somewhere in the region of fifty feet (!), but still a lot more than we […]

15mm European houses

A brief interlude from the battle reports to show some scenery:

Last year I was given these 15mm buildings, which is perfect because we were preparing for the Crossfire campaign, and we only had a couple of non-ruined buildings (previous campaign had been Stalingrad – so the ‘buildings’ were more bits of wall sticking […]

Normandy – Tessel-Bretteville Recon (Battle 3)

This game was played at a different scale to standard Crossfire, in that normally the smallest element is a rifle squad. This game was played so that elements represented sections instead of squads, as per the rules on Lloyd’s site. The location was at the far east of the campaign map:

British briefing was […]

Normandy – West of Hottot Report (Battle 2)

This game covered the second prong of the British attack. Overnight the 5th Dorsetshire had advanced to the wood, the edge of which is just visible below at the top of the map. At 0800 18 June, a massive rolling bombardment began, and the infantry advanced behind it. The British had four rifle companies available […]

Normandy – Juvigny Battle Report (Battle 1)

As players from both sides know what has happened in each tabletop game, I’m not considering it secret. This is what happened at this location, with the red arrow indicating the British attack. I have orientated the map to match the initial photo showing the whole table. In game time, the British attack began early […]

Normandy Crossfire Day 1 – Update

A short summary of Campaign Day 1 – I will post some more detail once the two remaining games have been played (3 & 4)

The day started with a British bombardment in the area of Juvigny (area 1), followed up by an infantry attack through the orchards north of the village at around 0630. […]

Normandy 18 June 44 – Battle 1

In our new campaign, the Commanders-in-Chiefs have made their map moves, so it’s time for the first round of tabletop Crossfire battles.

It’s 04:30 18 June, and the night suddenly echoes to the roar of artillery. The 25 pounders of the Royal Field Artillery shell Juvigny and the surrounding area for over an hour and […]

Creating a Crossfire table from a historical map

In the current Crossfire campaign, the tabletop games will be fought on a layout that will mimic the real terrain as closely as possible. The process of producing these is as follows.

The battlefields will use a scale of 1000m to 4′ of tabletop, or about 1:833. Crossfire doesn’t have an explicit ground scale but […]