Normandy – Juvigny Battle Report (Battle 1)

As players from both sides know what has happened in each tabletop game, I’m not considering it secret. This is what happened at this location, with the red arrow indicating the British attack. I have orientated the map to match the initial photo showing the whole table. In game time, the British attack began early morning after an initial pre-planned bombardment hitting the centre of the village and other surrounding areas. The British pushed forward through the dense terrain directly north of the village. No armour was used on either side.

The German forces prevented the British from capturing the main road bridges, which were the most important strategic point in the area, with the British calling off the attack at 1400 hours – the area was clearly held in strength by some of the best German troops. Overall German casualties on table could be described as light, with British casualties being moderate.

The following text and pictures were sent to me by Stephen Phenow

First the board.  Light is coming through the open garage door which lightens the board’s end. British will advance down the center road from left to right. Germans are hidden behind the road in the fields and houses and behind the bridge.

The British assumed that after the pre battle it would safe roll up their A/T guns. German Mortars destroyed the first one and second drove into an orchard where it stayed for the rest of the battle.

“A” Company 1st Platoon is Ambushed. As first platoon approached the road the prone Germans in the field and orchards opened fire. Wrecking 1st Platoon. 2nd Platoon did not fare much better as 1st platoon was suppressed and went to ground.

British Commander looks on in dismay as B Company’s 2nd is wiped out by an ambush and mortar attack at the bridges in centre.

The ambush at the bridges. Nothing is left of 2nd platoon, B, 3rd platoon advances through smoke to fill the gap.

Panzer Grenadiers can be seen behind the pink house waiting to counter attack. They were not needed. 3rd platoon pulled back.


1st Platoon “C” company was ordered to advance to take pressure of ‘A’ Company. Its squads were hit by a Nebelwuffer strike and suppressed.



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