Brethren of Ultimate Sanction

This is a random minor project that seems to have sprung up by itself. A set of mad monks / flagellants has been collecting on my painting table. Their goal is unknown, perhaps they intend to venture into the icy wastes of Frostgrave; although they don’t seem dressed for it, they may welcome the icy […]

Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

Alan gave me this classic model on the condition that I painted him (rather than incarcerating him in a drawer), so for the record – here he is.

Classic Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

For anyone that doesn’t recognise him, he is one of the 1988-1989 range of Chaos Champions designed by Jes Goodwin. These […]

Frostgrave Cultists

The next addition to our Frostgrave collection are these six cultists – which are needed for one of the Lich Lord scenarios.

Frostgrave cultists

Last time Rowan and I visited Alan, he gave Rowan a sprue of cultists, and Rowan built these. In the usual division of labour, he made the models up, and […]

Frostgrave Living Statues

Whoops – two whole blank months. Time to get a post in.

As the weather has turned colder, it seemed appropriate to be getting back into Frostgrave. One of the scenarios in the basic rule book requires 6 ‘living statues’, and I am trying to collect up the appropriate bits for all of these games.