Frostgrave Living Statues

Whoops – two whole blank months. Time to get a post in.

As the weather has turned colder, it seemed appropriate to be getting back into Frostgrave. One of the scenarios in the basic rule book requires 6 ‘living statues’, and I am trying to collect up the appropriate bits for all of these games.

These came from a discount bag at Wargames Foundry. Mostly they are gladiators, with a couple of others thrown in. From what little is mentioned of Felstad, the idea of cruel, powerful wizards having unfortunates fight for sport seemed to fit right in. Perhaps the winners are ‘rewarded’ by being transformed into living metal to protect their masters’ treasure.

Frostgrave living statues

I thought about doing them as mossy stone, but in the end went for bronze. Perhaps it’s an effect of watching Jason and the Argonauts at an early age, but i can more easily imagine the metal coming to life than stone. The middle one here looks like a beastman, but if you inspect it more closely, it seems as though the bull’s head is some kind of minotaur costume.

Frostgrave Living Statues

These were painted in Tamiya copper mixed with a little black and gold, and then drybrushed with lighter tones of the same. After a wash of brown ink, I mixed up a bluey-green verdigris colour – mostly GW Hawk Turquoise and put a dryish wash into the crevices. When it was just about dry, I burnished them by rubbing with a bit of kitchen roll.

The bases were done by supergluing them to standard Frostgrave bases. These were finished with some patches of PVA and sand, followed by some brownish foam flock and then a couple of birch seed ‘leaves’. I did think about making the bases as raised plinths, but I think I will make those separately so that the statues can come down from their plinths to chase the players. The round bases will look like part of the plinth detail when they are standing on them.

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