Helsreach bikers

I thought I’d better get a post in before September became a completely blank month. Luckily I’ve just finished these bikers. The two bikes were put together about ten years ago and then kept in a box, as is standard practice for things that don’t quite get done before interest wanes and you move on to a fresh project. I started painting them for BOYL 2016 when a Helsreach game was mooted. Although it never happened, I did manage to finish them at last.

Helsreach biker gang

Helsreach biker gang


First up were these two. The riders are from the Wargames Foundry Street Violence range. The bike is from the Citadel LE Sleazy Rider – an orc on a Harley. I never owned the rider or I would have left it as is – converting such a rare and classic model would have felt like vandalism, but as I didn’t have the full set, I modified the front wheel (wooden in the original) into a more conventional bike and added a big headlight to cover the demonic face.

The riders are a particularly characterful pair – although not meant for a bike, they fit on well. I like the way the man appears to be leaning back to catch something his passenger is saying.

The luggage on the back is a plastic Warzone backpack, with a green putty bedding roll on top. I put off finishing this bike for ages because I couldn’t be bothered to make the bedding roll, but in the end it only took about ten minutes. You can see from the back that the Sleazy Rider bike is clearly modelled on one of the Judge Dredd Lawmasters – which only increases its appeal as far as I’m concerned. A simple loop of wire was added to hold the luggage and give the passenger something to lean against.


The second of the pair is a trike. This sculpt is currently sold by Fenryll (in resin), but this one is metal and I’m 99% sure I bought it from em4 but they don’t list it now.

Trike with minigun

Trike with minigun

I like everything about this vehicle from the way the punk on the back is casually hanging off, to the over-the-top spiked wrist bands and weird helmet of the driver. I wondered whether the trike would just tip over if he fired the minigun. By my calculation, assuming he is firing about 2,000 10g bullets per minute, it would generate the equivalent of 26kg of weight (sideways). So, seriously de-stabilising, but provided that he fired it parallel to the bike, they could just about cope with it.


To take the punk biker from hell image to its logical conclusion, I went for flames on the mudguards, a lightning flash on the jacket. Rock on.

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