Epic 40k Terrain part 2b

There is a possibility that this one might turn out to be more about learning from mistakes, although I hope there will be some ideas in here for some people.

Most laborious element of this is about adding cork and grit for texture, painting the rockwork black and highlighting it. Fairly comfortable with what I […]

Site is fixed

As mysteriously as it broke, this WordPress site has fixed itself again. I got an email saying it had automatically upgraded, and I went to look at it, and other than the debug messages I had turned on, it was working again. I didn’t get round to investigating it much, but some of the logging […]

Romans and Goths

Couple of units of Romans with some Gothic cavalry. The spearmen with the spoked shields have been done for ages but they finally got their rear rank of archers. The other unit is newer – don’t think I fancy painting another 70-odd faces for 36 figures! Started these before getting some LBM shield transfers. Think […]

Antares arrives

Not many posts recently – I’ve been busy, so here’s a quick update. I’ve finally finished off a massive building that I started around er, 15 years ago. It could do with more detailing etc. etc. but I thought it was best to just press on and get it finished.

I’ll post a bit more […]

Spiral stairs

If your average medieval bod wanted to go down into a dungeon, it wouldn’t be using a lift (elevator in some parts.) I thought I’d have a go at making a set of spiral steps. I decided to put it on a 4 inch by 4 inch base and allow it to be accessed by […]

Secrets of Shandisholm

For a future project, I’ve ordered up a copy of ‘Secrets of Shandisholm’ which has just been released by Oakbound as part of their “The Woods” range. I’ll be picking up a copy direct from Geoff at BOYL in a month’s time. It’s set in the world of Celtic myth – with plenty of really […]

Frostgrave ruins

I have 3 buildings that I have largely scratchbuilt which I did for an Osgiliath project, which like most of my projects, stalled. These will serve for Frostgrave, but snow and ice would make them less useful for Osgiliath, so I am not adding them to further models so that they will serve a dual […]

My 2015 boiled down

Everyone’s at it with the year-end retrospectives – as 2015 slides into the past, what better time to cast an eye back over the modelling milestones. This blog has been around just over a year, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I looked back at what had been achieved on the wargaming front:

Frostgrave […]

Laser Pointer for Line of Sight

Laser Pointer


Having seen someone using one at BOYL last year, I realised how very handy it is to have a laser pointer for checking whether one model has line-of-sight to another. This might be very old news to most people but I haven’t done a lot of gaming for a while, so […]

A new start

“From the ashes a fire shall be woken, from the shadows a light shall spring”.

Long term visitors to the site will know that I’ve not made many updates, and that there has been more than one false dawn. I’ve been doing more painting and sculpting recently than I have for many years, so I […]