Catachan Snipers

Trio of Snipers

Here’s one of my most recent purchases of a Games Workshop blister pack (2004). They already had a few leaves on their cloaks, but I added extra leaves, hanging bits of cloth and scrim for more of a proper sniper “ghillie” appearance. Their skin has been almost completely covered in green […]

3D printed weapons have arrived

Eight days after ordering them, my 3D printed weapons have arrived. I’ve painted them black, drybrushed them and taken photos. These are Frosted Ultra Detail from Shapeways. On the whole I’m pleased, they’ve come out the right size, the surface detail is good and they are slightly rough but acceptable. It will be interesting to […]

Building a Biblical City 4

The Buildings.

Basically they are constructed from Artists Mounting Board. PVA or wood glue forms a strong bond very quickly. I make them slightly underscale, partly because I want to get more in to the space, and partly because I suspect they would have been smaller than we might think anyway.

The best sequence for […]

Building a Biblical City Part 3

This bit is laborious and you could go without it if you didn’t mind seeing gaps between the building bases, but I think it’s worth doing for aesthetic reasons.

The buildings are based with Artists mounting board. I have some where the bases are cut to size to fit into a specific position, but I […]

First N.O.G.G. game – Rogue Trader

On Wednesday we headed over to Warhammer World for a Rogue Trader game (1st Edition 40K). Here’s some snapshots of what happened. Axiom has already posted this more detailed account of the battle.

I went with my 11 year old – he fielded zoats and Eldar renegades, I fielded assorted mercenaries, pirates, scum and alien […]

3D printed weapons

I have been using Sketchup to make some weapons for 3D printing. I have just sent two copies of this sprue for printing by Shapeways and I should have them back before the end of the month. I am using the highest resolution material, which is called Frosted Ultra Detail. The cheaper “White Strong and […]

Dragon Ogre

A few photos of a really classic model here. I love the way he is stalking forward, his massive axe raised. At any moment he is about to start sweeping it from side-to-side, cutting down lesser creatures like corn. It’s no wonder this would cause fear in creatures under 10′ tall.


Chainsaw Warrior Prototype Board

I have made the first prototype board for my Chainsaw Warrior “2D” – Chainsaw Warrior with Space Hulk rules. The board will be made up of 30cm squares. I bought a big sheet of hardboard from B&Q – they offer a free timber cutting service and can have it sliced up for you very precisely […]

Zoat with multi-melta

Next week I’ll be meeting up with some Oldhammerers at Warhammer World for a bit of Rogue Trader skirmish. Nothing says Rogue Trader like a zoat (well, maybe slann), so I’ve dusted this one off and cleaned up a few details. Along with some Eldar renegades, he’ll be taking the field against whatever the 41st […]