Back to the hive

After many months of being covered in miscellaneous junk and boxes of models, after weeks of picking away at the debris, I finally gritted my teeth and cleared the table in the shed. 4′ x 8′ of glorious emptiness. It was time for a game.

Finally cleared

Rowan had found rules for a Genestealer […]

Rusty debris

I love to make scenery out of found objects. These rusty bits of debris are exactly that – rusty debris. There was an old farm implement rusting away at the end of the garden, and before I took it to the tip, I noticed that some of it was actually flaking apart into these fragments. […]

Redemptionist Flagellants

Another couple of recruits for the Redemptionist gang. These are converted Wargames Foundry flagellants.


The first was converted with a new mask and hood, and was given an auto pistol (from the Foundry Street Violence range).

The second just needed arming. A shotgun on his back and a grenade at his belt brought […]

Necromunda Caravan Game

Over the Christmas break, Rowan and I played our first game of Necromunda with his Redemptionist gang. I used a Goliath gang that has already played a couple of games. The scenario was one from Outlanders, where the Goliaths had been hired to protect a Guilder caravan from a Redemptionist raid. It was played in […]

Nomad converted from plague doctor

Ash Waste Nomads seem very popular at the moment, so here’s my first one. He’s a Plague Doctor, plucked from the £1 bargain bin at BOYL 2014. The hat reminded me of that classic Blanche picture of some kind of wandering renegade (next to a short mutant with only one leg), and that image was […]