Nomad converted from plague doctor

Ash Waste Nomads seem very popular at the moment, so here’s my first one. He’s a Plague Doctor, plucked from the £1 bargain bin at BOYL 2014. The hat reminded me of that classic Blanche picture of some kind of wandering renegade (next to a short mutant with only one leg), and that image was very much in my mind when I worked on him. The backpack is a Bauhaus Warzone plastic, same for the grenades, water bottle and knife. Autogun is from Foundry street violence and the machete previously belonged to an Alternative Armies Eastern goblin. I connected the mask to the backpack with a wire ‘pipe’. Finally he was garnished with green putty, I added the badges on his cape and hat, the pouch, gemstone and bottle on his belt and the feather in his hat. The feather seemed to nicely echo the bird mask, and I liked the idea of someone in the Ash Wastes having one. Just imagine how far it might be to the nearest living bird – it would have to be highly rare and exotic object, probably he believes it to have magical powers, or at the very least to bring luck.

Ash waste nomad

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