This rather nice model from Black Tree Design ticked two boxes – he has been sitting around for about a year half painted, so that’s a tick for finishing things off, and I’m also trying to collect models for Frostgrave (that’s one of the key projects for 2016), and there’s something very suitable […]

Catachan Snipers

Trio of Snipers

Here’s one of my most recent purchases of a Games Workshop blister pack (2004). They already had a few leaves on their cloaks, but I added extra leaves, hanging bits of cloth and scrim for more of a proper sniper “ghillie” appearance. Their skin has been almost completely covered in green […]

Dragon Ogre

A few photos of a really classic model here. I love the way he is stalking forward, his massive axe raised. At any moment he is about to start sweeping it from side-to-side, cutting down lesser creatures like corn. It’s no wonder this would cause fear in creatures under 10′ tall.


Fairy for the forum challenge

The Oldhammer forum is having a challenge where people have to post a newly painted model of a type that they have never painted before.

I had to think quite hard to come up with something that I hadn’t painted before (and I had a model for). I got this fairy as one of the […]

DBA I/52b Early Hoplite Spartan Army

About 5 years ago I fancied trying out De Bellis Antiquitatis. This is normally played with 15mm models on 40mm wide bases, but these seemed a bit small, and many of the manufacturers sculpt in a style which is too ‘blobby’ for my test – oversized heads, thick limbs etc. In addition I was impressed […]

Foundry Vampire – 1st for 2015

Wargames Foundry Vampire

Just finished the first model of 2015. This is a vampire from Foundry. The purple robe came out a bit lilac at first – so not very sinister, so I gave it a dark wash to tone it down and redid the shading. Great model, I like the hunchback and the strange […]

Shambling in the moonlight

I’ve been experimenting with my brand new camera. The flash didn’t go off for this one, but what it lost in clarity, it gained in atmosphere. Imagine peering out of the window one frosty night and seeing this lot shambling towards you.

Citadel Zombies


Mutated Minotaur Lord

This is an unconverted 80s minotaur lord, which I painted a few years ago. I used not to like the model very much, but after I had worked hard on this one, it’s now one of my favourite minotaurs. One of my favourite bits is the dark bronze metal, which if I remember correctly is […]

A gnome for Gnomevember

Gnomevember is the month for painting a gnome and posting it on the Oldhammer forum. I only had this one from the Citadel Adventurer Starter Set.

I tried to think how gnomes might be different from dwarves. On the whole I imagined them with brighter colours and fancier patterns than dwarves. This one was all […]