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 7 January 2015
 SCENERY Long term visitors to the site will know that Iíve not made many updates for a very long time, and that there has been more than one false dawn. Iíve been doing more painting and sculpting recently than I have for many years, so I thought Iíd try posting some new content. This time Iím using a blog rather than the antique framework I lashed together myself at the close of the 20th century.

Click here to go to the THE NEW SITE where there is already several bits of new content.

In addition, I'm pleased to say that Alan, an old friend of mine, will be collaborating on this. He makes fantastic scratch built scenery (there is some of his work in the old gallery), and he has already posted a couple of tutorials.

This site will eventually be retired when I have integrated its content into the new site, but for the time being I'm leaving it as it is, and concentrating on posting fresh material.

 10 October 2009
 RULES DataBase Antiquitatis - After many years, finally an update to the site with the launch of a new tool which lays out the armies with their enemies, allies and time ranges clearly shown. It can be filtered to show particular armies, and drilled into for an analysis of the key combat odds. For more information about DBA, go to Fanaticus.org
 13 December 2006
 SCENERY An ornate structure built from Linka Gothic Brick Tower - Detailed instructions on how to make an ornate Victorian Gothic style brick tower from Linka.
 1 August 2006
 SCENERY A 6mm governor's palace made from card Governor's Palace - This 6mm building was constructed from a card template printed with an inkjet.
 26 November 2005
 NEWS Regular visitors will have noticed that there has been very little new content for some time. The first half of this year was taken up with re-templating the site (see below), which I was doing at the expense of working on new pages. More recently I have bought a house, which needs a fair chunk of work doing on it. Again, this has taken priority over the website.

However, rest assured that I have plenty more planned for WarFactory, and the site has not been permanently abandoned. Normal service (of intermittent updates), will probably be resumed at some point next year.

 FIGURES Fourteen designs by Colin Mayston Blood Angel Banners - Fourteen Blood Angel banners designed by Colin Mayston.
 4 August 2005
 NEWS Finally completed a massive re-templating of the entire site. Not entirely successful in that it looks much the same, except for some bits which don't look as good, and a few which look better. A bit more work to do on the side menus etc. and there are bound to be some broken links (which I'm expected all you loyal readers to tell me about).

The rationale for this was that the original site had been set up with two constraints - no server side scripting, and low bandwidth. Neither of these now apply, which allowed for a much better solution.

 4 February 2005
 SCENERY Picture of PVA and tile adhesive added to Adhesives, Puttys and Fillers
 SCENERY Research Lab - More miniature madness, as a bunch of plastic bottle tops are pressed into service as a 6mm research lab
 9 December 2004
 FIGURES 28mm Modern van - A Corgi die-cast van is weathered up for a near-future urban skirmish game.
 26 November 2004
 SCENERY Fences & Fortifications - A collection of little bits and pieces for the 6mm sci-fi battlefield.
 8 September 2004
 SCENERY Brick Ruin - Waste not want not. When casting plaster into Linka moulds, they often come out faulty. Rather than throw the bits away, I made this ruin.
 30 August 2004
 SCENERY Gothic Ruin - Some time since I got round to an update, but in the meantime I have built this rather natty piece of ruined gothic cathedral. There's even a template, so you can make your own.
 30 April 2004
 SCENERY Concrete Ruin - Polystyrene, artfully transformed.
 GALLERY Goblinoids - A gallery of a variety of orcs and goblins.
 RULES Paranoia GMing: Prepare to Fail? - What do you need to do to run a good game?
 SCENERY Fake fur has been added to Scenic Materials.
 SCENERY Vegetable Patch - A small page on making a vegetable patch and pig pen to flesh out your Vietnamese village.
 23 December 2003
 FIGURES Base Preparation - For some time I've been meaning to cover basing figures. This deals with the first stages of sticking them down and texturing. Basic stuff but hopefully some useful tricks.
 MUSINGS My Workbench - Some shots of the factory floor - my workbench.
 MUSINGS Realism and Tactics - I meander around the topic of how realistically games simulate real battles, whether that matters, and how tactics relate to reality.
 HOME Technical Issues - I have had an extensive revamp of the way the site was put together. Previously the menu, contents and gallery pages were created from an Excel spreadsheet using a macro. Now it's all in a database, and many of the other pages are created this way too. Also the side menus have been made collapsible, as many of them were getting rather long. All this is explained on the Technical Issues page.
 RULES What is Paranoia - A long time ago I used to play a lot of this wonderful role-playing game. This explains what it was all about.
 6 October 2003
 SCENERY Cinderbuds - A bizarre plant from the florist.
 SCENERY Exotic Plants - Four different types of exotic flora.
 SCENERY Satellite Dish - A mini-smarties container gets a makeover.
 MUSINGS The Toys of Peace - A short story on toys and militarism by Saki.
 28 June 2003
 SCENERY Delta Hut - A hut on a raised platform, typical of the Mekong delta.
 SCENERY Hedges - by Nigel Budd from synthetic wire wool
 RULES Lies and Politics - Some thoughts on Vietnam wargaming
 5 May 2003
 RULES Extraction from Thon Tan Xuong - Report of a US company waiting for extraction while fending off two VC companies.
 SCENERY Paddy Field 2 - Paddy fields with acrylic medium or meltable scenic water.
 10 January 2003
 RULES Assault on Thon Tan Xuong - Report of a US company attacking a VC reinforced platoon.
 RULES Design Notes - Some key features of the rules
 SCENERY Jungle Outpost - An Airfix kit, which makes an ideal Vietnam building.
 23 October 2002
 GALLERY Aircraft - Hueys, Bronco, Dragonfly & Sioux
 GALLERY Infantry 2 - An airborne assault, ARVN and a buddha.
 RULES The Desert Dish - A battle played during rules testing.
 1 August 2002
 SCENERY Arid Elephant Grass - Elephant grass from broom head bristles.
 RULES Basic Probability - Calculating probabilities from a wargaming perspective.
 FIGURES Modelling Axioms - Little tricks and the big picture.
 10 June 2002
 SCENERY Arid Bushes - Three different methods of making bushes.
 SCENERY Lush Elephant Grass - Plastic elephant grass.
 FIGURES Paints - A review of various water based paints, qualities to look for in the ideal paint and pot.
 MUSINGS Sooner or later - The problems of turn order in wargaming.
 MUSINGS Space Hulk - A gaming classic - Why Space Hulk is one of the all time greats.
 28 April 2002
 PAINTBALL Psychology - Having the will to win.
 SCENERY Skip - Scratchbuilding a skip/dumpster inc. template.
 GALLERY WWI Africa 2 - Wargames Foundry & HLBSCo Colonial troops.
 23 February 2002
 PAINTBALL Angles & Positioning - Where to place yourself compared to the enemy.
 PAINTBALL Equipment - What the site won't provide.
 PAINTBALL Flag Tactics - Successful flab grabbing.
 PAINTBALL Individual Tactics - What you can do on your own.
 PAINTBALL Introduction - What this section is all about.
 FIGURES Scratchbuilt Hovertank - A computer mouse is turned into a Star Wars hovertank.
 PAINTBALL Sneaky Tactics - The very edge of legality.
 SCENERY Tarmac - Tarmac surfaces, complete with road markings.
 PAINTBALL Team Tactics - A co-ordinated effort.
 PAINTBALL Terrain Analysis - Making the most of the ground.
 PAINTBALL Unit Tactics - Acting as a group of 3.
 15 January 2002
 SCENERY Acacia Trees - Scraggy trees from twigs & rubberised horsehair.
 INFO Early colonisation of DOA - A brief account of initial German involvement in East Africa.
 SCENERY Fallen Trees - Driftwood becomes gnarly withered trunks.
 SCENERY Oasis - Acrylic medium on plastic.
 6 January 2002
 FIGURES Painting Speed Tips - A few ways to paint faster without sacrificing end results.
 21 December 2001
 FIGURES 28mm WWI van - A die-cast model is repainted for service in Colonial Africa.
 SCENERY Crab Skeleton - Sci-fi desert features made from dead sea life.
 MUSINGS My Wargaming Biography - A partially illustrated account of my path into the hobby.
 FIGURES Painting Techniques - Drybrushing, blending, washes etc.
 SCENERY Palms from Pine Cones - Turn squirrel left-overs into slightly alien tropical plants.
 11 November 2001
 MUSINGS Another way to skin the cat - Realism, Omniscience and Quantum Mechanics in Wargaming
 SCENERY Arid Basics - The basic techniques, used with a variety of features.
 SCENERY Palms (Masking Tape) - Palm trees made from masking tape.
 SCENERY Rocky Outcrops - Rocky hills and outcrops.
 29 September 2001
 INFO Book Reviews - Information and reviews of 11 assorted books.
 GALLERY Cyberpunk - Suits, bikers & savages
 SCENERY Huts - Huts clad in a variety of materials.
 31 August 2001
 FIGURES 25mm Tie Fighter - Guide to drybrushing and weathering this large plastic model.
 6 August 2001
 SCENERY Paddy Field - Paddy fields from bits of glass or perspex.
 SCENERY Palm Tree - A beautiful but rather time consuming palm tree.
 SCENERY Plaster Dome - A domed plaster building in the Tatooine style.
 SCENERY Pumice Fungus - Fungus made from pumice stones.
 SCENERY Yucca Plant - A yucca plant made from plastic Xmas tree needles.
 17 July 2001
 GALLERY 25mm Jungle - Jungle and Savannah plants.
 SCENERY Bamboo - Alan's method for making 25mm bamboo.
 FIGURES Standard Blending - A typical use of the blending technique on 28mm Askari.
 MUSINGS Zen & the Art of Model Making - Are you approaching your modelling in the right state of mind. Find out with this adaptation from Pirsig's 70s classic book.
 25 June 2001
 GALLERY Knights - A mixture of Citadel knights, Normans and men-at-arms.
 GALLERY Norse - Norse and a Harlequin Champion of Rohan.
 RULES Unit Stats - Generic - Statistics for generic modern units.
 9 June 2001
 SCENERY Adhesives, Puttys and Fillers - Every type of sticky stuff (nearly).
 28 May 2001
 SCENERY Salvage - Types of junk that you can turn into scenery.
 SCENERY Small Bunker - Smaller plainer bunker.
 2 May 2001
 FIGURES Acrylic Retarder - My experiences of using acrylic retarder to assist blending.
 SCENERY Rock Pillars - Rock pillars made from stones.
 23 April 2001
 GALLERY Epic Imperial Guard - Epic Imperial Guard, Abhumans, Adeptus Arbites and Robots.
 INFO German-Eng Dictionary - Military ranks and items of uniform
 29 March 2001
 GALLERY Chaos Warriors - Old style Chaos Warriors.
 SCENERY Fence with Barbed Wire - Making mesh into long barbed wire strands.
 12 March 2001
 FIGURES 28mm Faces - Shading two colonial Schutztruppe with blending.
 4 March 2001
 FIGURES Mastering Painting - Four core areas to concentrate on when painting.
 FIGURES Painting Glossary - Short explanations of jargon terms.
 3 February 2001
 FIGURES 15mm Mercedes - From Peter Pig AK47 range - a typical non-dusty vehicle
 31 January 2001
 GALLERY Wood Elves - Slender Grenadier Elven spearmen.
 22 January 2001
 GALLERY Beastmen - A unit of slightly converted Beastman followers of Nurgle.
 1 January 2001
 HOME Mailing List -
 15 December 2000
 GALLERY Star Wars - A few 25mm West End Games Star Wars.
 11 December 2000
 FIGURES 15mm Figures - A step by step sample of Alan's figure painting technique.
 FIGURES Brushes - Choosing and looking after your brushes.
 SCENERY Bushes - Rubberised horsehair vegetation (modelling by Alan).
 RULES Counters - Print out .jpgs for counters and unit flags.
 SCENERY Craters - Turn aluminium pie dishes into craters.
 SCENERY Crates - A quick wooden crate and details of drybrushing method.
 SCENERY Flexible Road - Foam wrap roadways (modelling by Alan).
 6 December 2000
 SCENERY Storage Boxes - My standard system of storing figures & scenery.
 25 November 2000
 RULES Rules - Simple but with capacity for tactical play.
 GALLERY Standards - A variety of Games Workshop fantasy and sci-fi standard bearers. Most converted.
 RULES Unit Stats - Epic WH40K - The statistics for Imperial units from GW's WH40K range.
 15 November 2000
 GALLERY WWI Africa - Wargames Foundry & HLBSCo Colonial troops.
 3 November 2000
 GALLERY Infantry - SHQ & ESCI infantry and some shots of a game.
 1 November 2000
 GALLERY 15mm Ancients - Hittite fortified city, Egyptian camp etc.
 GALLERY 25mm Colonial - Darkest Africa and Indian Mutiny.
 22 October 2000
 SCENERY Cliff - Large cliff system (modelling by Alan).
 14 October 2000
 SCENERY Sandbags - 20mm and 15mm sandbags from oven-hardened putty.
 3 October 2000
 GALLERY Figures - A random selection of WH40K and a couple of scratch built items.
 GALLERY Scenery - Dystopian cities and bunkers.
 18 July 2000
 MUSINGS Aliens Trivia Quiz - Test your knowledge of this classic film by answering 300 trivia questions against the clock.
 SCENERY Container tower - Water tank type tower.
 SCENERY Fences - Concrete, chainlink, log palisades, brick wallsÖ
 SCENERY Gun Turret - Shampoo bottle top becomes planetary defence.
 SCENERY Large Bunker - WH40K style buttressed concrete bunker.
 SCENERY Machinery tower - Suitable for any scale of sci-fi.
 SCENERY Modelling Tools - Bad workmen will have no excuse.
 SCENERY Scenic Materials - Everyday objects as well as purpose made items.
 SCENERY Small bits - Small scale machinery and street furniture.
 SCENERY Trees - Fecund undergrowth abounds.
 SCENERY Walkway - Mesh covered ramp/walkway.
 11 July 2000
 FIGURES WH40K Epic Scale - Various Imperial Guard banners.
 10 July 2000
 FIGURES Creating 3D Shields - Sculpting designs onto shields.
 FIGURES Miscellaneous Techniques - For figure conversion and small scale scenery.
 6 May 2000
 GALLERY Vehicles - Helicopters, APCs and Australian armour.
 1 December 1999
 FIGURES Using Putty - How to scratch-build a figure.
 1 May 1999
 MUSINGS Full Gelatine Jacket - Paintball's implications for simulating small arms combat.
 MUSINGS Who controls the bad guys? - Adversarial Games vs. Games with Umpire Controlled Enemy.
 24 June 1905
 PAINTBALL Site Reviews - Sites I have been to (but only 1 of them).
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