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Scenic Materials - Everyday objects as well as purpose made items.
Modelling Tools - Bad workmen will have no excuse.
Adhesives, Puttys and Fillers - Every type of sticky stuff (nearly).
Salvage - Types of junk that you can turn into scenery.
 25mm Plants
Lush Elephant Grass - Plastic elephant grass.
Bushes - Rubberised horsehair vegetation (modelling by Alan).
Palm Tree - A beautiful but rather time consuming palm tree.
Trees - Fecund undergrowth abounds.
Bamboo - Alan's method for making 25mm bamboo.
Yucca Plant - A yucca plant made from plastic Xmas tree needles.
Gothic Brick Tower - An ornate structure built from Linka
Brick Ruin - A guide to making a ruined building from faulty Linka casts.
Gothic Ruin - Scratch built cathedral ruins from foamboard and spaghetti.
Cliff - Large cliff system (modelling by Alan).
Storage Boxes - My standard system of storing figures & scenery.
Crates - A quick wooden crate and details of drybrushing method.
Craters - Turn aluminium pie dishes into craters.
Skip - Scratchbuilding a skip/dumpster inc. template.
Tarmac - Tarmac surfaces, complete with road markings.
Fence with Barbed Wire - Making mesh into long barbed wire strands.
Fences - Concrete, chainlink, log palisades, brick walls…
Flexible Road - Foam wrap roadways (modelling by Alan).
Concrete Ruin - Polystyrene, artfully transformed.
 25mm Arid
Arid Basics - The basic techniques, used with a variety of features.
Arid Bushes - Three different methods of making bushes.
Rocky Outcrops - Rocky hills and outcrops.
Acacia Trees - Scraggy trees from twigs & rubberised horsehair.
Arid Elephant Grass - Elephant grass from broom head bristles.
Palms (Masking Tape) - Palm trees made from masking tape.
Rock Pillars - Rock pillars made from stones.
Fallen Trees - Driftwood becomes gnarly withered trunks.
Oasis - Acrylic medium on plastic.
Palms from Pine Cones - Turn squirrel left-overs into slightly alien tropical plants.
Crab Skeleton - Sci-fi desert features made from dead sea life.
Exotic Plants - Four different types of exotic flora.
Cinderbuds - A bizarre plant from the florist.
 20mm Vietnam
Paddy Field - Paddy fields from bits of glass or perspex.
Paddy Field 2 - Paddy fields with acrylic medium or meltable scenic water.
Huts - Huts clad in a variety of materials.
Delta Hut - A hut on a raised platform, typical of the Mekong delta.
Jungle Outpost - An Airfix kit, which makes an ideal Vietnam building.
Sandbags - 20mm and 15mm sandbags from oven-hardened putty.
Vegetable Patch - A village vegetable patch and pig pen.
 25mm Sci-fi
Machinery tower - Suitable for any scale of sci-fi.
Container tower - Water tank type tower.
Satellite Dish - A mini-smarties container gets a makeover.
Plaster Dome - A domed plaster building in the Tatooine style.
Walkway - Mesh covered ramp/walkway.
Pumice Fungus - Fungus made from pumice stones.
Small bits - Small scale machinery and street furniture.
 6mm Sci-fi
Governor's Palace - A 6mm governor's palace made from card
Research Lab - A stack of bottle tops forms the basis for this building.
Fences & Fortifications - A collection of little bits and pieces for the battlefield.
Large Bunker - WH40K style buttressed concrete bunker.
Small Bunker - Smaller plainer bunker.
Gun Turret - Shampoo bottle top becomes planetary defence.
Hedges - by Nigel Budd from synthetic wire wool

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