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Vegetable Patch

Vietcong defend their village

Villages are all too often just a collection of huts, without any of the usual clutter that surrounds them. These are an easy way to beef the village up, and to give the US player something to look for weapons caches in.
Two of the Vietcong are plastic Esci, the other is from the old SHQ range.



Card base
First cut the base shape out of card. To make it look more man-made, it's best to make the areas rectangular.

Next construct the fence, which must be done before the base texture so that the posts don't sit uncomfortably on top of the sand. The posts are made by splitting matchsticks with a scalpel into two to four pieces along it's length. Do a variety so it looks more ramshackle. The main posts, which are whole matchsticks, were stuck down first (with PVA). Then the horizontals were stuck on, finally some extra uprights.

Cover it with a thin layer of PVA (using a scrap of card to smear a smooth layer all over). Sprinkle with sand and allow to dry.


Paint the ground dark brown and then drybrush with successively lighter shades of brown.

The fence is painted in the same way, but use a slightly different shade of brown.


Using a matchstick, dab little blobs of PVA in rows and then sprinkle with a Flock. The best flock for this is a coarse foam flock, where the material is in quite large lumps. Because the glue is in small amounts, it will dry quickly, so you probably won't be able to do more than a row at a time.

Once this has dried, dab some more PVA around the base of the fence posts and sprinkle on some static grass flock.

2001. All rights reserved.