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 Painting Methods
Mastering Painting - Four core areas to concentrate on when painting.
Painting Techniques - Drybrushing, blending, washes etc.
Painting Glossary - Short explanations of jargon terms.
Painting Speed Tips - A few ways to paint faster without sacrificing end results.
Brushes - Choosing and looking after your brushes.
Paints - A review of various water based paints, qualities to look for in the ideal paint and pot.
Acrylic Retarder - My experiences of using acrylic retarder to assist blending.
 Painting Examples
Standard Blending - A typical use of the blending technique on 28mm Askari.
28mm Faces - Shading two colonial Schutztruppe with blending.
28mm WWI van - A die-cast model is repainted for service in Colonial Africa.
25mm Tie Fighter - Guide to drybrushing and weathering this large plastic model.
15mm Figures - A step by step sample of Alan's figure painting technique.
15mm Mercedes - From Peter Pig AK47 range - a typical non-dusty vehicle
28mm Modern van - Weathering up a Corgi die-cast van for a near-future urban skirmish game.
Modelling Axioms - Little tricks and the big picture.
Miscellaneous Techniques - For figure conversion and small scale scenery.
Using Putty - How to scratch-build a figure.
Creating 3D Shields - Sculpting designs onto shields.
Scratchbuilt Hovertank - A computer mouse is turned into a Star Wars hovertank.
Base Preparation - Sticking down the figure and texturing base.
WH40K Epic Scale - Various Imperial Guard banners.
Blood Angel Banners - Fourteen designs by Colin Mayston

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