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15mm Figure Painting
Models by Alan


This painting method gives a bright, clean look which is particularly effective with massed armies. At the smaller scales (15mm and below) shading of individual areas of the figure is less noticeable, so getting sharp definition with the black varnish coat works extremely well.

This is a relatively quick technique, and can also be used with larger scales.

Step 1 - Clean up and base

  • Remove flash with a sharp scalpel and/or needle file
  • Stick figure to base with super glue, epoxy resin or a good dollop of PVA.
  • Step 2 - Undercoat

  • Under coat the miniature white.
  • You can use a paint spray for this, but remember don't hold the can too close and keep it moving while spraying, otherwise it will go on too thick and you will have to paint strip the figure, (or throw it away if it is plastic).
  • Step 3 - Base coat and patterns

  • Base coat the figure with flat colours.
  • Any patterns should also be added at this stage.

  • Step 4 - Dark varnish coat

  • Give the figure a coat of gloss varnish mixed with a little black enamel.
  • This will have a similar effect to a dark wash, and picks out the cracks and details to give shading.
  • Using acrylic paint and varnish for this is not recommended, as it will tend to have a rather muddy effect.

  • Step 5 - Complete base

  • This base was done by sprinkling sand onto a coat of wet masonry paint. Random blobs of flock were then stuck on with PVA.
  • The long grass is dyed sisal string.

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    2001. All rights reserved.