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The miniatures are two Norts from Games Workshop's Rogue Trooper range (circa 1986).



Basic Frame
Cut a rounded irregularly shaped piece of card for the base. Make sure it's big enough - I like to put two or three 'fungi' of different sizes on a single base. For each stalk cut a small piece of foamcard about 15mm long and 5mm wide and stick it upright to the base with PVA. When this has set attach the pumice stone to the top with epoxy resin or a glue gun.

Wrap Milliput around the foam card and shape it so that it forms a complete sleeve. Spread it up over the bottom of the pumice stone, so that they form one smooth shape. Also spread it out at the bottom as it meets the base. Finally shape irregular grooves into the stalk. For this you could use the head of a pin of the rounded end of a large needle.

Small Fungi
To make your little clump look more realistic, add some very small fungi around the base. These are made from milliput. The smallest are just simple balls but the larger ones have some irregularly sized holes poked in them (use the pin or needle for this).

Basecoat with a reddishbrown. I used Humbrol brown with a bit of Dark Flesh . Use an old brush to work it into the holes in the pumice. When this has dried then highlight it with at least two drybrushes, made by mixing ever increasing amounts of white with the base colour. Finally mix some black with the base colour. Dilute this a bit and wash it into the centre of the grooves and underneath the head of the fungus. Wipe off any excess with your fingertip. (See semi-dry wash and wipe for a more detailed explanation of this process.

Texture Base

2001. All rights reserved.