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Road (flexible)
Models and scenery by Alan


This roadway is made out of white packing foam wrap and so can easily be bent over the terrain as shown below. To hold it in position use pins with flocked heads, which will be more or less invisible against the textured road edge.

Important Note: You will need to use polystyrene terrain boards or you won't be able to pin the road down.



The construction of a road in three stages.

Cut the foam to shape with scissors
To get a better edge to it the cut pieces, chamfer them with a sharp scalpel blade.

Stick the shaved off pieces to the edges to create a raised bank

Base coat the road with a dark brown.
The bumpy texture of the foam will provide quite a realistic surface by itself, but some textured masonry paint might be better than normal paint.

Add details to base
Small bushes or rocks as in the picture at the top of the page will add realism. Glue them on with PVA or UHU.

Flock the edges of the road
The flock at the edges is sprinkled onto wet brown masonry paint. This is better than PVA as it is more flexible.

Make some flocked pins to hold the road down
Just dip the heads of some pins in PVA and then flock.


2000. All rights reserved.