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Gun Turret

turret illustration


shampoo top
  • Timotei shampoo bottle top.
  • Card.
  • Selotape.
  • Various plastic scraps.
  • Weapon. This can be a gun from a toy, a pen top or something made up from sprue etc.
  • Construction

    Prepare the shampoo top
  • Cut off the plastic lug at the front and snap off the hinge.
  • Sand the plastic all over with fine sandpaper, to help the paint stick to it.
  • Stick the weapon in with selotape (glue is not too good at sticking to the plastic).
  • Glue the top to a base of cardboard. (Superglue is best).

    Add detail

  • Stick various odds and ends of sprue, small bits of card and old electronics etc. to the outside of the turret.
  • Paint black and drybrush with a mixture of silver and white.
  • Add brown stains and industrial style markings.

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    2002. All rights reserved.