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Palm Tree
Scenery and models by Alan


  • 6mm solid plastic rod. This is available from model shops but is fairly pricey. You might be able to use a section of plastic coathanger.
  • Fine wire (eg phone wire)
  • Plastic aquarium plants
  • Mounting Board or Foamcard or MDF for base
  • Sand / Flock / Dried Tea for base texture
  • PVA
  • Epoxy Resin or Glue Gun
  • Large Needle
  • Pliers
  • Scalpel
  • Construction

    To form the palm tree stem take the solid plastic rod, and use a knife to score round the trunk every 8-10 mm. Then whittle down from each score to the one below so that it looks like a series of upturned cones inside each other. When you have finished give it a light brown wash which will help to accentuate the shape.

    Dead Foliage
    Dead leaves under the crown are sisal with a few grains of scatter material glued on with PVA, and the whole lot then painted brown.

    The leaves are pairs of plastic aquarium leaves with the stem cut away above and below. A scalpel is used to cut the leaf shapes. To assemble the head crush the join between the 2 leaves with pliers to widen it, then make a hole with a darning needle and thread this on to wire. PVA mixed with green acrylic is used to improve the join and the wire is slotted into a hole bored in the top of the stem.

    Texture the base

    2002. All rights reserved.