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Container Tower

This 8" high tower has a deck at the top with a parapet, which can be reached by climbing a ladder through the centre of the structure. The top and bottom decks are made from an old floppy disk, with the central hole forming a convenient opening for the ladder.

The ladder was cut from a piece of aluminium mesh which was made of a grid approximately 12mm per square.



  • Make the top box. The walls are foam card stuck to the underside of half the disk.
  • Glue two 1" strips of card to the bottom of the top box, to create a platform inside the structure that models can stand on.
  • Add the parapet, this time sticking the foam card to the outside of the box that you have already made.
  • Glue two low foam card walls to the other half of the disk.
  • Join the two main parts with the legs. This is best done by laying the structure on its side and pushing pins temporarily through the foam card to hold it in place.
  • Glue some half lentils onto the outside to form rivets.
  • Put pipes (wire, straws or sprue) through the rectangular hole in the top deck and connect them to a card box at the bottom.
  • Glue the ladder into place, leaving about 20mm sticking out at the top.
  • Add some additional machinery at the top.
  • Paint the machinery and floor decks black and drybrush with a mixture of silver and white.
  • Paint the outside with a base coat, and then create a tarnished effect by washing on different dark browns and blacks and then dry-brushing with pale brown and also a rusty orangey-brown
  • Add brown stains and industrial style markings (these were cut from a sign manufacturer's catalogue).

2002. All rights reserved.