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This 25mm walkway can be used as a bridge or a ramp.


  • Cut one large strip of mounting board for the deck and glue two thin strip of card to each edge to strengthen it.
  • Cut a piece of net the same size as the deck.
  • Glue one end of the netting to the end of the board with PVA and then glue a thin strip of card on top to hold it in place. Clamp with a clothes peg until dry.
  • Paint the deck all over with watery PVA and then glue the other end of the net as before.
  • Stick two thin strips of card on top of the deck at the sides to cover up the edge of the netting.
  • Decorate the edges of the walkway with scraps of card and plastic.
  • Paint the floor deck black and drybrush with a mixture of silver and white.
  • Paint the outer edges of the deck a dark colour and then drybrush.
  • The diagonal striping at the edges was drawn with Photoshop, printed out and then stuck on.
  • Add brown stains and industrial style markings (these were cut from a sign manufacturer's catalogue).

2002. All rights reserved.