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Models and scenery by Alan


  • Rubberised horsehair.
  • Mounting Board, thin MDF or hardboard.
  • Dark emulsion or spray paint.
  • PVA
  • Basing materials (sand or flock)

  • Construction

    The construction of a bush in three stages.

    Prepare the base
    If you are using a thicker base material than mounting board, like the hardboard shown here, then you will need to chamfer the edges off with a file.

    Paint the base with watered down PVA and sprinkle with sand. You should then apply a base coat to the base, or you will end up with unpainted areas visible through the bush

    Glue the horsehair to the base with PVA. You can divide it up by just tearing it apart with your fingers. Use quite large blobs of glue, or the bush won't attach properly.

    Cover the bush with flock You can attach the flock with PVA, or alternatively paint the bush with a dark brown emulsion and sprinkle on the flock while it is still wet.

    Finish off base
    You can now apply your standard basing technique to the edges of the base and add the odd details such as rocks or long grass as shown here.

    2000. All rights reserved.