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SWAT Team at Initial Deployment Point


This was a simple test scenario to explore the rules. Two similar forces faced each other over a more or less symmetrical table with a central objective.

A large smuggling operation is being run in this area, shipping rare plant extracts out of the country with fast shuttles. The authorities have just been tipped off about a re-activated communications dish in an abandoned industrial installation being used by this network and have sent a SWAT team to capture it. However the cartel have their own spies and one of their local security teams of mercenaries has been hastily dispatched to secure the site till a transport can be sent to pick up the equipment.....


1 Officer
4 Squad Leaders
1 Mini Gun
1 Rocket Launcher
1 Machine Gun
9 Assault Rifles
2 Sub-Machine Guns

1 Officer
5 Squad Leaders
2 Machine Guns
1 Semi Auto Grenade Launcher
1 Breach Loading Grenade Launcher
1 Sniper Rifle
2 Assault Rifles
8 Sub-Machine Guns

The Mercenaries have a slightly smaller force, but with some heavier weaponry. All troops have one frag and one smoke grenade.



This was a simple test scenario to explore theThe battlefield was basically symmetrical with the objective in a compound in the centre. Each force started in a small compound in opposite corners.

The Battlefield
Initial Rush
Mercenaries rush south

Chance and the flexible turn order initially allowed the SWAT team to seize the initiative. The main body of the force ran for the central complex of buildings while two more squads fanned out through the bushes on either side.

Meanwhile the mercenaries were slower to take up positions - their advance west from their initial deployment point soon ground to a halt when they ame under fire from the swat team's point men. One of the mercenary squads had better luck as they filed south, rushing between the large pillars of rock, which dotted that area of the battlefield. One of three SWAT troopers who had entered the central brick hut began firing on this group from the window but was rapidly suppressed by the heavier fire of the mercenaries.

First Contact

The leading members of the swat squad making its way along the south edge of the battlefield, reached a massive rock outcrop, where they took up defensive positions to stop the the southward mercenary advance. Rather than advance into contact the mercenaries squad consolidated their position among the rock pillars. One of them in heavy armour and toting a formidable rocket launcher, began firing through the window of the brick hut. The first rocket wounded one and stunned the other two, but the swat team were unwilling to relinquish their position at the heart of the field , so they decided to sit tight while reinforcements advanced along a line of palm trees at the southern end of the compound, attempting to engage and take the heat off.

A rocket is lined up on the hut window

Pinned down
The Sarge bites the dust - (the minigun is behind the bush)

Many of the mercenaries had gone to ground in the long grass and mounds adjacent to the compound that they initially spilled out of. A fierce exchange of fire developed between them and the swat team in the central compound, with both sides taking a couple of casualties. Four of the swat team including the semiautomatic grenade launcher were working their way deep around the flank. Anxious to avoid being pinned down and cooped up, a mercenary sergeant led a rush to attempt to get beyond the line of a fence and into the undergrowth beyond, but in spite of his covering fire took a fatal shot before he was even halfway.

SWAT flanking team including grenade launcher

Partially surrounded and beleaguered, the mercenaries mustered around their heaviest weapon, a mini gun fed by a belt feed from a backpack. A SWAT machine gunner attempted to use his own firepower in retaliation but a burst from the mini gun at 6000 rpm blew him away. Fortunately for the SWAT team the mini gun was unsuitable for going on the offensive as the mini-gunner would probably be shot first if he attempted to move out on anyone with the heavy and cumbersome gun.

Loss of the Hut

Back at the hut the barrage was continuing. The rocker launcher was slow to reload, and a couple of the rockets burst harmlessly against the outside of the masonry, but the occupants of the hut were pinned in the hut by the mercenary rifles and werepowerless to stop him.

Blue:SWAT Red:Merc

Although they realised their position was untenable, there was little they could do because each time they had recovered enough to make a dash for the door, another explosion would knock them to the floor.

The advance of the SWAT team on the southern edge had been stopped, because more mercenaries had moved to support the initial squad. With their luck worsening the SWAT team decided to abandon the hut and eventually one escaped leaving his comrades lying behind seriously injured. With the hut abandoned, the rocket launcher was turned on the the SWAT troops who were still swarming around the central compound, but with little effect except forcing them to duck back.

Advance along the south side of the compound

SWAT comeback
SWATs in a commanding position

After the death of their sergeant a couple of mercenaries attempted crawling cautiously along the North edge into a position where they could prevent the potential encirclement. The SWAT grenade launcher could not see anyone but was sending dangerous potshots into the area. Their position was further worsened when three SWAT troops rounded to the corner of the brick hut and successfully shot the mini gunner who was covering another area. One of them was carrying a machine gun and took up position covering the area where the mercenaries sheltered. Although they were in cover from his fire they could neither move nor shoot.

Fortunately for the mercenaries they had been having some luck in the whittling down of the SWAT squad at the southern edge of the battlefield. Having more or less gained control of this area, they took the daring move of rushing a trooper forwards to the opposite side of the concrete wall. Unfortunately for them a daring SWAT sniper popped out and shot him down with his pistol. The mercenaries responded by repositioning to improve the covering fire and trying again.

Mercenaries give covering fire to grenade attacks

Grenade attacks
A sergeant passes a dead trooper

This second time the sniper decided not to risk another attack and the mercenary, a sergeant, achieved the safety of some low rocks. He hurled at grenade over the wall but failed to the cause any damage except some stuns. The southernmost swat team attempted to reverse this advance but their counter-attack was beaten off by withering mercenary rifle fire, reducing the team to an ineffective level.

Capitalising on this success, another mercenary dashed through the gateway in the fence and started making his way to the corner of the wall, while a second headed for the wall and hurled another grenade over. This one landed in the middle of the swat team group, knocking them flatten and inflicting light wounds. This allowed the mercenary at the corner of of the wall to take up a firing position and finish them off while further away a couple more mercenaries emerged from the undergrowth, where they had been hiding, to support him.

A SWAT team are knocked out by a grenade in their midst

The SWAT team had been driven back from the brick hut. Their southern flanking force had been reduced to a few retreating survivors, and their small out flanking force to the North West had to ground to a halt after a lucky mercenary shot had critically injured their grenade launcher. The mercenaries, on the other hand, had at last entered the compound and had broken the swat positions that had been pinning their main force. The battle was effectively over.

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