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Counters & Pinboard Flags

How to use these

  1. Right click on the thumbnails links to bring up a menu (the thumbnails are only a small part of the full picture).
  2. Select 'Save Target As'
  3. Choose where to put them on your hard disk.
  4. Use software such as Irfan, Photoshop or Paintshop Pro to load up the file (saved as a .jpg).
  5. Print out at 140 dpi.


Time track - mark the approach of support fire etc. on this. The small number at the bottom shows the score required to advance to the next box. This introduces a small element of randomness.
US aircraft & vehicles - Use these to mark the approach of reinforcements or support fire.
VC units - Mark out hidden unit positions on the map with these. The ones with a target symbol represent individual snipers.
US units - Usually the players will all be US and their troops exposed, however, you may wish to mark the position of other friendly units whose existence is not known to the platoon.
Unidentified markers - These denote a model which has been spotted by the players, but who is currently unidentified. They could be enemy, civilian or even friendly. Fold them in half and glue them so they stand up.
Counters - These should be stuck to pennies. The rows are in pairs, one for each side of the coin, so these make three types of counters. From top to bottom they are: Incapacitated/WalkingWounded
Low Ammo/Spare Ammo

2000. All rights reserved.