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Working together


Winkling someone out of solid cover is a tricky task, as they will only show a tiny bit of themselves. To get easy kills it is best to get several players shooting at the same person from different angles.

Defending against rushing

If you are hiding behind a piece of cover and someone who knows you are there runs round the side of it whilst firing at you, there will be a very good chance that you will be shot first, even if you have been waiting for it to happen, because there will be a split second delay before you start firing, and also it is hard to track a fast moving near target. This danger is magnified if they could run round either side so you have to watch more than one direction at once. The best protection is to have another team member further back covering you, who will have ample opportunity to both warn you that someone is coming, and hopefully to shoot them as well.

Drawing Out

Deliberately trying to attract fire in order to draw out an opponent for your friend to shoot is a surprisingly productive tactic. Sometimes cover will mean for your opponent to get an appropriate angle to fire they must expose themselves from another angle. Windows are an obvious example of this, where to fire at someone close to the wall that the window is in, it is necessary to expose significantly expose yourself to anyone who is further away from the window.

Covering firers

Often when a player shoots at an enemy they expose themselves to fire from other enemies. Teamwork can reduce this risk if their team mate fires or covers potential enemy risks. Tell a team mate who you are about to fire at and which direction you need covering from.

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