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Devious trickery

The Dead Man's Walk

This is a classic trick which has been used in tournaments when a 'live' player bluffs the enemy and gets into a good position while pretending to be dead. Calling yourself out or raising your hand are universally accepting as placing yourself out of the game, so you mustn't do this. Instead walk slowly and calmly across the field with your gun down, perhaps held by the barrel. Look around nonchalantly. It may help to have two players do this so that they can chat. Following behind a player who really is dead may also help. It is a good idea to do this on an open field so that you don't pop out and surprise anyone. Starting off is the most dangerous moment but once a few enemy have ignored you, the rest will follow their cue. Once you have got behind the enemy line or near to their flagbase you can suddenly drop into cover and open fire, which should have a devastating effect on them.

Imaginary Friends

If you are in a defensive position and playing for time against an enemy attack which is likely to be successful, it may help to 'talk' to imaginary team members to slow up the advance. Make lots of noise, shoot plenty of gas and shout instructions and warnings to different names.

Glory Hunting

There a few things more satisfying in paintball than bringing back the enemy flag in a blaze of glory. To maximise your chances of this, don't rush forward at the start of the game but wait for everyone to get in contact and the front line to stabilise. Be cautious until the last few minutes of the game when the numbers playing have been whittled down. Now choose a flank, looking for one that is lightly occupied. Work your way as close to the flag as you can. Your aim is to work round behind the flag, so if you can then get onto the enemy's back edge and move along it. Then, with covering fire if possible run straight for the flag, not worrying too much about firing. With a bit of luck you'll at least get a hand to it which in many games gives a few points for 'flag in transit'.

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