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1) Skirmish
A Schutztruppe machine gun desperately tries to repel a native assault. Their fate if they fail is clearly ilustrated by the head impaled on a spear in the background.

The German troops are HLBSCo and the natives are from Foundry.

2) Schutztruppe Column

3) Tribal Irregulars
These tribal levies, known as 'Ruga-Ruga' could have fought for either side, as they both used bodies of troops without proper weapons or uniforms.

The figures are from Wargames Foundry.

4) Schutztruppe Command
Two Schutztruppe officers and a bugler. Each colony had its own piping colour for uniforms. These have white piping, which was the colour for German East Africa. The bush hat on the right is field grey, but these were replaced later in WWI by khaki.

Note the red collar trim and epaulettes on the musician, and the circular badge on the helmet of the left-hand officer.

5) Schutztruppe Askari
Schutztruppe Askari from HLBSco. The model in the centre is a Feldwebel, and has consequently has piping on his uniform. The khaki puttees replaced the field grey puttees in about 1915, although they were worn simultaneously due to a shortage of uniforms.

The base colour is Humbrol Dark Earth acrylic, but it has had a small quantity of yellow ochre and a dash of GW Bestial Brown added to get a closer match to the German khaki colour. As I was painting up a number of these, I mixed a quantity of the paint in a plastic film pot for convenience.

6) King's African Rifles
These bare-footed askari are from Foundry. The rifles are Martini-Henrys, which are a little early for WWI, but no doubt a reasonable quantity of out-of-date equipment was still in use. The uniforms have been painted in different shades of khaki to get more of a motley appearance.

The sandbags were made using a similar technique to that described here.

7) Bearers
Most of the country had no roads or railways, and the presence of tsetse fly in many areas rapidly killed livestock, so the only way to transport goods was on foot.

Figures from Wargames Foundry.

8) Bushes
This terrain piece is made up of string, reindeer lichen, dried flowers from a shop, and a dried flower head from the garden.

9) Antelopes
These antelope are oryxes from HLBSco. They come with a separate head which must be attached. I attached the heads at a variety of angles, and plugged the gaps between head and body with putty.

The colour scheme is actually from a scimitar horned oryx, but I liked the look of it. (Actually all the African oryxes I could find had curved horns, so maybe the models are inappropriate for Africa - still, never mind).

10) Lions
Lions from HLBSco.

11) Elephant
An elephant from HLBSco. Excellent surface detail, but quite a lot of putty was needed to mask the joints between the pieces.


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