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1) Police APC
A Ground Zero games APC with minor conversions. These include the grab rails which are made from wire and small disks of plastic sprue, the light on top made with the plastic from an old CD box, the mounting board ram bar on the front, the whip aerial and the hinged mesh screen over the window which was made from card, mesh and wire.

Some leftover decals were added from plastic kits, and the police sign was printed out on a laser printer and glued on. The first aid symbol was cut from a sign catalogue.

2) City 1
This scenery is intended for use with a near-future skirmish game I have been developing. Large amounts of cover are necessary, as being caught in the open when fired at with an automatic weapon almost inevitably has devastating consequences.

3) City 2
The large vents in the right of the foreground are from one use coffee filters. I just added mesh in the holes and then drybrushed them.

Sorry about the quality of the photo. I intend to retake some of these when I get a chance.

4) Dropship (6mm)
This was originally made as a 28mm marine hover vehicle from an old shampoo bottle.

A few years later I turned it into a massive 6mm dropship, adding an old plastic pencil container at the back, the medical pod from a Tarhe, the wings from a 707 kit, the lid of a Golden Syrup jar and numerous bits of Zoid etc.

5) Bunker
This bunker was built by Stuart, a friend of mine. Sadly he has given up wargaming, so he gave me this (not all bad then). I reinforced the roof with foamcard and added a few extra bits as well as patching up the paint.

A massive piece of scenery, it was built with foamcard and decorated with parts from Zoids and a variety of model kits. The floor is covered with car repair mesh.

6) Bunker Interior
The figures on this are from the Future Warriors range, and are painted in the style of the Colonial marines from the film 'Aliens'.

7) Bunker Entrance
"Hudson, run a bypass!"


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