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1) Dark Angel marine squad
A tactical squad from the Dark Angel Space Marine chapter. The company is 3rd Company 'Firewing' - and this is reflected in elements of the insignia.

The models are a mixture of metal and plastic (late eighties vintage - some of them were in my first box of WH40K figures). The paint scheme is the original design for the Dark Angels - black armour with red helmet stripes. Some of the plastic ones are converted, such as the wounded one, and the one with a breathing mask and crusade banner at the back.

2) Man in Dinner Jacket
This cyberpunk figure wearing a dinner jacket, (or tuxedo - as the Americans would call it), was scratch built from green putty. The gun is modelled on the modem SPAS shotgun.

3) Policeman in riot gear
My first all green putty scratch-build, more of these type can be seen on the putty modelling page.

4) Imperial Guard Ogryn
The first WH40K Ogryn.

5) Harlequin Warlock
My first Harlequin, painted in 1992.

6) Harlequin Avatar
The bases on these Harlequins are made from plasticene with fragments of slate pressed into them. The plasticene was then covered with PVA and sand to form a hard shell.

Dried flowers and tiny shells were then added (although not on this one, which isn't quite finished).

7) Harlequin Trouper
Someone once asked me how I painted some chequered trousers, and all I could say was that I painted small squares all over them.

Thes same goes for these lozenges - a good brush, steady hand and patience does the trick.

8) World Eater Army
I entered this army for the 1993 Golden Demon painting competition and this photo was in White Dwarf 162. I was one of the prize winners at the final, but I have never worked out whether that was for this army, or a dwarf cannon that I put in the war machine section.

Unfortunately before the army was returned to me, Games Workshop managed to break the axe hand off the demon and lose it. So thanks for that, GW. In addition they lost the dwarf cannon and one of the crew. If anyone from the company is reading this, I wouldn't mind having them replaced, even so long after the event. On a serious note, never, ever lend them any figures - I have had stuff lost and broken in three separate incidents. The main standard bearer for this army wasn't available for the competition because it was borrowed by the studio. It came back about a year later in 6 pieces. Hmm.

9) Chainsaw Warriors
A rather appealing set of old Citadel figures. I picked these up second-hand for 50p each, which was a bit of a bargain.


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