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From the old Future Warriors range by Mark Copplestone. I particularly like the middle one who bears a striking resemblance to John Major (ex British prime minister for those from outside the UK) The Coke can is a painted piece of sprue.

Suit Heavy Weapons
Necromunda gangers converted with green putty. Hair was added to their bald heads and collars & ties were added to their shirts.Their jackbooted legs were cut back and replaced with creased trousers and turnups. The one on the left has also had a putty flower added to his buttonhole. The right hand one had the features of his head cut back to a largish stump and a complete new face and haircut made from putty. Finally his gun sight is a piece of plastic rod with two putty ends. Now all he needs is a grassy knoll.

Standard Copplestone suits. The bases on these are not yet finished, but help to show the process. First paper markings are glued down with PVA. These are painted with flat colour and then the bases are drybrushed with grey. Next the debris is stuck down and painted black as on these bases. The last stage is to add some shading to the markings and to paint the debris, mostly by drybrushing and inkwashing.

All unconverted bikers by Mark Copplestone. The denim effect on the middle biker was produced through some high contrast drybrushing. I wanted the one on the right to look a bit sunburnt, so I added a tiny bit of red to the mix. The blonde has a little brown in the flesh mix for a tanned effect.

The one on the right is a Wargames Foundry 'Old West' figure. His Winchester was converted to a shotgun with a putty pump handle to make it a bit more modern. I just love the big 'ZZ-top' beard. The other two are Copplestone bikers.

Lightly converted Citadel figures. The first is a Delaque ganger. I added dreadlocks and a beard, baggy trousers and boot laces (he was wearing jackboots). The flamer is made from the old plastic Space Hulk flamer nozzles with a green putty bottle. The middle one is a Delaque ganger with a bit of green putty hair. The last is a Paranoia troubleshooter. He was carrying what looked like a artillery shell but using putty and spare plastic gun bits I turned it into a sort of bolter.

The figure on the left is a GW Goliath Juve which has been converted with a green putty gas mask. These are dead easy and add a nice dystopian feel to the figure. They are also great if the figure is spoilt by a crap face. It is tricky to see in this photo but his torso is covered with fine dark blue spiral tattoes. This is such a favourite effect of mine that I tend to overuse it (gangers, orcs, beastmen Elf wardancers - you name it, I've put spiral tattoes on it).

The next is a Copplestone figure with an added plastic bolt pistol from the original Citadel Mk.6 space marines. The last one is another Copplestone effort with a rather strange primitive four barrelled gun. (I count it as a double barrelled shotgun but with four shots not two before reloading).


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