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1) Centurion & FSV
The vehicle on the right is a Fire Support Vehicle (FSV). This was an M113 modified by the Australians with the addition of a turret from the Saladin armoured car. This model is available as shown from JB models.

The infantry in the picture are from SHQ's old range, and are no longer available.

2) Australian armour
Centurion Mk.5s served with the RAAC in Vietnam. Due to the lightly armed nature of their adversaries, the greatest danger to them was from mines. They were generally deployed alongside M113 APCs.

The model is from Airfix. This has been modified by the addition of wire whip aerials, and the jerry-can holder on the back of the turret. I built the holder from plastic coated wire and a small rectangle of net curtain mesh. Holes were drilled in the turret to superglue the wire into.

3) UH1A & 1C Huey Hogs
The UH-1A is equipped for an Aerial Rocket Artillery role c.1965. These operated at battalion support level and were armed with a 24 rocket pod on each side and a 40mm grenade launcher in a nose turret.

The UH-1C is a slightly later standard gunship with a 19 rocket pod each side and M60 door gunners.

Both models are Italieri with SHQ pilots.

4) UH1H Huey Slick
The UH-1H is a late variant of the Huey, the most common utility helicopter used in Vietnam. This is a 'slick', a helicopter used for troop carrying. It is not fitted with external weapons to save weight and is only armed with the M60s used by the door gunners.

The 1:72 model is made by Revell, and the crew are from SHQ.

5) CH46 Sea Knight
The Sea Knight was used as a utility helicopter and light transport by the U.S. marines. It could carry two marine squads into combat, and when in this role would have had a gunner with an M60 at each of the forward doors.

This model is made by Airfix. To improve the realism of the glazing bars and make them look more solid, their outline has been painted in black on the inside of the plastic canopy.

6) APCs in jungle
The two M113 APCs in the centre are fitted with the ACAV variant. This comprises of additional turret armour and two M60s mounted for use from the rear hatch. The APC on the left is a command vehicle. It has no weapons, and the internal height has been increased with the box on the back. On the right is an M113 fitted with a twin HMG turret.

Click here for details of how the trees were made.

7) VNAF O-1 Bird Dog
These were used for reconnaissance and spotting for support fire. This example is painted in the colours of the South Vietnamese Air Force. (VNAF).

The model is a 1:72 Airfix.

8) Battlefield panorama
An armoured column enters the table on the right. A simple sweep of enemy territory is about to turn into a savage ambush.

9) Column advances
The armoured column advances steadily up the road, flanked by squads of infantry.

10) Sheridan in bushes
A Sheridan disappears into the shrubbery, and an ACAV advances on the right.

11) Ambush perimeter
The US troops have come under heavy fire from a number of angles. The ACAVs and Sheridan move forward to engage, while the M507 (command and aid post) stays in the centre of the perimeter. In the foreground a squad moves to the right to reinforce another which has already taken a number of casualties.


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