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Games Workshop Chaos Warriors - a heavy infantry classic. This motley crowd of heavily armoured devil worshipping freaks should be a match for anybody.

All these figures are Citadel/Games Workshop, ranging from the mid-late 80s. They were built up gradually from second hand and bits box sources (I don't think I bought any of them new).

These are painted as 'general' followers of Chaos rather than worshippers of any one of the main four Chaos Gods.

Most of the armour is painted in various metallic effects which have been given depth and patina with ink washes. Very dark shades including black, green, blue and purple, have also been widely used. Small brightly coloured details such as tassels and crests bring them to life.

These have both got three-dimensional shield decoration, which was created as described on this page about shield designs. The warrior on the left looks a bit like a beastman, but on close inspection the helmet beneath can be seen.

The left hand figure has again been subjected to a minor conversion. I didn't like his face, so I trimmed it back and modelled on the stylised skull mask in green putty. The green armour was created by mixing a little green ink with the silver when drybrushing, and then using a delicate green wash.

The metallic paint scheme of the warrior on the right made his paint job extremely quick. A glaze of blue ink at the edges of the lightning was used to make the colours brighter. It's not really noticeable on this figure, but rust streaks were painted on with thin vertical lines of dark brown ink.

These two have also been very slightly converted. The left hand warrior had a bearded face which I didn't like (you can see the beaded ends hanging out of the bottom, so I covered it up with a chainmail mask made from putty. The armour uses Tamiya's copper, which has been mixed with gold paint in some areas to give a more interesting two tone scheme.

The right hand warrior's moon crest was drilled and had a small piece of wire inserted to form the tongue. The idea and the paint scheme came from Fraser Grey, a superb painter whose work used to be featured in White Dwarf.

The paint schemes for these two have also been copied from Fraser Grey. The oriental style one is a favourite of mine, and has been lightly converted. The ring on his cleaver was made from a thin loop of wire, and the hat was originally covered in studs which were removed with a scalpel.



These show two contrasting styles of sculpting. The right hand warrior is probably the earliest of all these models. He is relatively small and slight, when compared to the left hand model which is about 1989 vintage from Marauder Miniatures. This model is actually a beastmaster, (hence the whip) and although the sculpting and detailing is more skilful, the style is slightly cartoon like, something which with hindsight, I have unfortunately accentuated by the colour scheme.

The shield of the right hand model is an octopus (its eight arms symbolising the eight arrows of the Chaos symbol), and was sculpted in green putty onto a metal shield. On the base is a small seashell, which I found on the beach.


These right hand of these Chaos axemen carries a plastic shield which was embellished with a plaster skull, as with the warrior described above. Note the shading to the lightning bolts, which accentuates the pattern.


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