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1) Imperial Hovertank
An Imperial hovertank advances through the rubble, supported by Stormtroopers. The infantry are from West End Games.and the tank was scratchbuilt from an old computer mouse as described here.

2) Tatooine house
Rebel troopers cautiously advance round the side of a house. The models are from Ground Zero Games.

The building was made from plaster as described here.

3) Star Destroyer
This model, from ERTL, of the mainstay of the Imperial fleet is about 15" long.

There is plenty of detail on it, but the pieces didn't fit together as well as they might have done. I have considered using it for a ship combat game, but the fighters would all have to be scratch built, which seems a bit too laborious.

4) Stormtrooper
A typical stormtrooper. The West End games range includes about 12 different poses.

All my Star Wars figures are mounted on pennies. The base material is sand glued on with PVA.

5) Garindan
Garindan is the Imperial spy who puts the stormtroopers onto the trail of Luke and the gang at Mos Eisley.

6) Muftak & Kabe
Muftak and Kabe are two alien friends who appear in the Mos Eisley cantina. Muftak is the big white hairy one, a member of a species called the Talz.

7) Sivrak
Sivrak the 'wolfman' is an Imperial scout, who later defects to the rebels. He can be seen in the film in the Mos Eisley cantina.

8) Kid
This figure is just called 'kid'. I don't think he appears at any point in the films.

Hmm, surely George Lucas wouldn't promote the use of child soldiers.

9) Labria
This is Labria the Devaronian who, like most of the figures in this gallery, can be seen hanging around the Mos Eisley cantina.

I think to be true to the film, the dark red robe ought to be black, but I prefer red.

10) Blister pack
A West End games blisterpack. Sadly they no longer have the licence, and these excellent figures are out of production.


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