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These figures are 6mm plastic Imperial Guard from Games Workshop.

They are organised according to the army list found in WD120, which is probably completely incompatible with modern GW rules. I'm not too worried because I now use my own Steel Inferno rules for them.

All the plastic figures in this army came in this - the original GW plastic Imperial Guard set.

This massive Imperial tank serves as the Regimental headquarters, as signified by the large standard.

The flagpole is a pin, and the eagle was sculpted in-situ from green putty.

The flag can be downloaded from this page, although I touched it up with paint after printing it out.

Another Imperial Heavy tank, this vehicle's main armament is a Defense Laser.

The symbol on the front signifies that this vehicle is in 'D' company, 2nd Detachment.

The command stand from A company, 1st platoon carrying the company banner. As with most Imperial Guard banners, it depicts Ollanius Pius, a guardsman who sacrificed himself by throwing himself in front of the Emperor to save him from enemy fire during the Horus Heresy. The infantry's badges have one colour (yellow), which denotes 1st platoon.

The figure in the red hat and black overcoat is a Commissar, whose duties of monitoring devotion to the Emperor include enforcing discipline by shooting deserters.

Some of the marines from the original Space Marine boxed set painted as Adeptus Arbites. Note that the stripes have not been painted on the whole shoulder pad in order to make them look a bit smaller. The motto on the banner says 'Justice'.

A full sized one (looking rather like a cross between Robocop and Judge Dredd) is pictured here.

The Imperium's forces also include various mutants. From left to right these are:

  • Ratlings, whose diminutive size and stealth make them ideal snipers.
  • Ogryns, used as assault troops due to their strength and ability to withstand pain.
  • Beastmen, whose stupidity limits their ability to use hi-tech weaponry but also makes them ideal cannon fodder.
  • Squats excel as basic infantry as they are disciplined and capable of withstanding considerable physical hardship.
  • Imperial Guard infantry are supported by a variety of walkers. Many of these are robots but others have human controllers like the Sentinel on the far right. Robots are often painted in bright semi-heraldic patterns. Camouflage isn't really a necessity, as one of their main roles is as a suicidal assault force drawing enemy fire.

    The model on the left is metal but the other three are plastic.


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