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1) World Eater Army Std
The bat at the top is made from wire and Milliput with foil wings. The Khorne symbol is an Ork Battlewagon accessory and the bronze heads are from a Khornate Juggernaut.

The bearer is a converted Chaos Terminator captain. His chainsword was made from three layers of plastic card, with the larger middle layer cut after assembly to form jagged teeth.

2) World Eater Squad 1 Std
A World Eaters sergeant.

This figure from GW's original chaos marine range has had a plastic shield added. The standard pole is copper wire and has been glued into a hole drilled in the backpack.

3) World Eater Squad 2 Std
A World Eaters sergeant. The figure is actually a Chaos Champion, rather than a marine.

The shield is a Marauder plastic orc shield and the skull on top of the standard is made from green putty.

4) Master of Sanctity
This model is a heavily converted plastic marine. The cowl is made from milliput, as is the skull shoulder pad. A cut-down Titan accessory was used for the seal at the belt.

The standard design incorporates a number of images. The skull of the chaplaincy, a white rose for purity and the winged sword of the Dark Angel chapter. It also shows 9 blood drops for each of the Horus Heresy traitor legions, and three teardrops for the loyal chapters that were entirely destroyed.

5) Chaos Marauder Shield
An old Citadel Chaos Marauder, this figure had its ridiculous bearded face cut back and replaced with a stylised skull mask. The skull theme was carried through to the shield, whose shape just seemed to suggest this design.

6) Dark Elf Shield
A Dark Elf Assassin from Marauder Miniatures.

7) Slaaneshi Warrior Shield
A Citadel Chaos Warrior c. 1987. The rich copper colour on this figure is a Tamiya paint. I decanted it into a Citadel pot because I find the screw-top lids on Tamiya pots get gummed up with paint and won't open.

8) Chaos Thug Standard
Another hawthorn twig standard on a Marauder Miniatures Chaos thug. The Latin motto reads 'Darkness comes', although my declensions may be shaky.

9) Norse Shield
This is roughly based on a few historical designs, although I have no idea if this sort of image would have been painted on a shield.

10) Undead Standard
On top of the pole is a model from Citadel's 'Night Horror' range, a raven on a post covered with a grape vine. This provided the inspiration for the standard.

The standard crossbar is a hawthorn twig, and the standard has been tied to it with fuse wire. The bearer figure is a Golem from the 'Night Horror' range, which looks like some kind of sewn together Frankenstein-type monster.

11) Dwarven Standard
The original Marauder figures standard shaft was lengthened, retaining the original bird on the top. The cross bar is a cocktail stick, tied on with fuse wire and green putty caps on the ends, painted to look like brass. The standard design was drawn out in pencil and then painted over.

12) Dwarven Standard 2.
The emblem, which is an elaboration of the basic unit shield design, was drawn with a fine Rotring pen and then painted over. The figure is a Citadel plastic Warhammer Regiments, which has been customised with the helmet spike from an orc head. A picture of this figure was previously posted in a part-painted state, but I have finished him off now.

13) Dark Angel Standard
This is a Veteran marine from the 1st company of the Dark Angels carrying one of the chapter standards. The flag depicts one of the Chapter heroes saving a relic from a Chaos Marine attack. I paint 1st company marines in std. armour as black like the rest of the chapter, but their right shoulder pad is white (the same as the Terminator suits). The red and black helmet stripe signifies that he is a Veteran, and the red diagonal bars on the leg are merit awards.

The eagle at the head of the standard was cut from the shoulder pad of one of GW's first armour variants.


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